July 31, 2004

Assignment Please?

Found a disturbing article as I hit my home page. Nazi's in Oshkosh? What the hell's going on up there, Harvey? Could someone check this out, and let me know. Only glanced at the story, didn't click on links. Trying to make sure that I get ...... (see below)

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Outta Here!

Gotta finish packing, load the bike, and hit the hay. Come 7:00, I'm gone. Yeaaah!!

If you miscreants feel the need, please limit breakage. (Johhny-oh: Sorry about the ceiling fan.)

See ya all in about 9 days!

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July 28, 2004

Joke of the Day

(wiping tears from my eyes)  Who knew?  Who knew that Ted Kennedy could be so damn funny?  My sides hurt from laughing!  Lush? We knew.  Comedian?  Aw God, never would have guessed!  Comparing John Kerry to early patriots.  You gotta read this.  It will make you smile if not ROTFLYAO!


I'm sorry.  I guess he was serious. 

For some reason, it won't let me link that story, so here's the joke:  http://www.cnn.com/2004/ALLPOLITICS/07/27/dems.kennedy.transcript/index.html 

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Like a Kid Waiting for Christmas

  Yep, that's me.  I should be sleeping now, but I just get too excited thinking about my vacation.  Can't sleep so I'm going to blog a bit, then read Stephen King until the book slaps me in the face.

   My brother, cousin, and I will be taking off Saturday for Colorado.  Not sure of our route, but we're going to get there!  On vacation, my brother and I have found it's best to only have an idea of things you want to do.  "Want to ride over this way?"  "Sure, as long as we can stop by wherever first."  Set an itinerary, and you'll end up getting upset.  I think our best bet is to take a couple roads to other roads that lead to Newcastle, CO!  Once there, we will be staying with a friend, and using his house a base for our daytrips.

   Part of what is pumping me up, is knowing that I will have someone with me.  Two years ago, I rode out to Glacier NP, in Montana, down through Wyoming, and to Colorado.  Awesome trip, but there were many times that I wished I had someone with me.

   Example:  Going through Wyoming, I needed to see the Medicine Wheel.  A sacred site to the Native Americans, I had read a little about it as a kid, reading Louis L'Amour stories.  Once I got there, I initially thought this isn't very impressive.  I wasn't at the wheel, yet.  As I hiked from the parking lot to the wheel, I began to feel just what it was that drew all the tribes.  The feeling you have standing on that mountain (and the mountain itself isn't that outstanding) is indescribable.  To try, you would think I was a freak.  Anyway,  I stood off to the side and waited for a Deleware Indian to finish his prayer.  He had gotten there at the same time as I did, but I wanted him to have his privacy.  He entered the wheel, removed his boots, and started to pray.  I kid you not... as he started praying, a small bird (looked kinda like a sparrow) landed directly across from him.  No big deal.  But as he went and faced each direction, the bird kept 180 degrees from him, looking at him the whole time.  As he finished up, and left, the little bird took off.  Yeah, sounds like no big deal, but what got me was the "feeling" in the air.  The next to go in the wheel was an Apache, and as he entered, an eagle flew up and started circling to the north.  It stayed there as long as I was there, but I left before the Apache finished his prayer.  The feeling was ineffable, and I found myself wishing that someone would have been there with me.  Just a powerful experience.

   I had a few "did you see that" moments all through that trip, and more than once I found myself starting to turn and say something.  Although I love to be out by myself, I truly wished for someone to share what I had seen.  This is going to be sweet.  I can't stand this waiting!  

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No Pizza For You!

  From Newsday:Pizza Maker Fired for Refusing Service.

  Aage Bjerre is a Danish pizza maker who stands for what he believes in, and won't back down.  Even at the cost of losing a job.  I first read the headline, and thought," man, you could have a lot of fun with this."  After reading the article, all I can say is that I'm impressed with the man.  He's refused to serve French and German tourists because he says they are anti-American.  He was fined for discrimination, but chose to serve 8 days prison time instead.  That was last year.

  This year, at a different restaurant, in a new location, he did it again.  And it cost him his job.

  We can say "Bravo, way to take a stand!"  And we should.  But think about this;  he is not even an American, and he's taking a stand for us.  

Some may think he's doing this for attention, and may make more money in the long run.  I don't know.  I doubt it.  How much money will he make selling pro-US t-shirts online?  In Europe?  Most of his buyer will probably have to be American.  I do have an idea for his shirts.  Remember the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld?  NO PIZZA FOR YOU!!!

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July 27, 2004

Fast Food Joint

Found an amusing little piece.  A teenager claims to have found (in best nerdy voice) a marijuana cigarette in her yogurt parfait from the Golden Arches.  No wonder they've adopted the "I'm Lovin' It" slogan.  What a way to give people the munchies!

I don't know if I believe that some idiot was stupid enough to be smoking inside of the kitchen area, but then again....  It's well known among the teens and some adults (bar knowledge), that one of the fast food joints one town over has a drive-thru with "extras" if you go through on the right night.  Thought it was a crock. Until I met the bonehead providing the extra service.  (If you must know, it was not a business transaction!)  Nice kid, but not very bright. 

  It'll be interesting to see what they find out.  Never know, it may have been extinguished in the yogurt by the consumer!

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July 26, 2004

Sporadic Blogging Ahead

Blogging this week is going to be a little off and on.  Going to be packing and getting ready to ride out west.  YAHOOOOOO!!!!!  I've been looking forward to this since last fall.   Anyway, since I've got alot of prep to do, I may be a little scarce.  I'll be reading my blogfamily and commenting, but about the posts, I'm not so sure.

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This Weeks Fave's 7/25

Music this week was loaned to me by Mr. Maltby.  He lent me Chevelle's "Wonder What's Next."

I had heard a few songs off of the album on the radio,  and kinda liked them.  Not overwhelmed, but seemed "ok."  I'm impressed now!  If you like Tool, you'll like these guys.  No, they don't sound exactly like them, but they structure their music in a similar manner.  And, believe it or not, they are a Christian influenced band.  As a matter of fact, they are listed under Christian music.Now, I'm not saying that I like them for that, or that I hold it against them.  I do like good music, and this is some goooood music.  Closure, The Red, and An Evening With el Diablo are my favorites.  As soon as I get some extra ching, this is going to be added to the collection.

Beer, same old Amber Bock.  Good, good, old Amber Bock.  Me thirsty.

Started reading "Songs of Susannah" by Stephen King.  Not too far into it yet, but it's getting good.  It kinda started slow.  I think that may be because he's giving a bit of a backstory as he's telling the current story.  This is book six in the Dark Tower series.   If this is anything like the other's it should be excellent!  If it's not, please don't tell me.

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July 25, 2004

And They Say The Fans Are Rough!

Soccer fans abroad seem to be portayed as violent hooligans, always ready to fight at a drop of the hat.  Sounds as if those overseeing the game may be taking that reputation away from them.

 Never question a referee's call, at least not in South Africa.  You may get shot.  Almost sounds like Tammi's story about tough cops.  Sounds as if South African soccer is a little messed up, and I'm talking the whole league.  That story is down a little from the shooting ref.

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July 24, 2004


Just a quick note to all of you, all 7 of you who may read this.  I am going to be doing some research into a drinking game called quarters.  You may know how to play, and if so, suffer while I offer a short explanation.  Players take turns bouncing a quarter off of the bar, or table, whatever is handy, and trying to get the quarter into a glass.  If they succeed, a fellow player, called out before the bounce attempt, has to rid the world of a shot of liquor.  In one on one mode, one gets a chance to nullify the attempt by sinking said quarter after the successful attempt.  This is repeated until the bartender orders you out of the establishment.

If any of you happen to know who originated this game, please send a name and address, so that I may get even with the gent/lady.  This game may be fun, but putting a sot into the condition in which I happen to be stuck in presently is not.  Ok, it may be, but....ah, nevermind.

My apologies in advance to those blogfamily members who I may have e-mailed.  I know some went through, I just hope they aren't as meandering as I think they may be.

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July 23, 2004


I just ran across this.  Instant rage.  Dammit.

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Make It Stop!!!

"So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodnight ......"

I've got music playing in my head, 24/7.  Usually, it's an equal mix of cartoon music (and the cartoons that go with them),  shuffling blues, punk, TV theme songs, and once in a while church songs.  Yeah, I know, that's a great mix.  But it usually keeps me in a fairly decent mood.  Things start going bad,  that's when the happy workout tunes start popping in.  Slipknot, Slayer, Overkill, etc.  You know, listening to the right music while working out can increase the amount of weight lifted, or distance run.  Probably just a mind thing, but it's cool how it works.  Anyway, I'm drifting.

Have you ever had a tune stick in your head that you just can't get rid of?  Hours, and hours on the same song, over, and over, and over again?  Yes, you have ... don't even try to kid yourself.

Usually, I'm the guy that works overtime to get those demonic tunes in your head.  I walk by whistling Sesame Street, the Chicken Polka, the Bably Elephant Walk, or even that song they used to play at the movies for intermission. (You know, "Let's go out to the lobby, let's go out to the lobby, let's go out to the lobby, and have ourselves a snack..."  Think dancing candy, hot dogs and buns.")  I go by over and over until you start whistling the same.  Hehehehehe 

Usually.  But thanks to Eric of Straight White Guy, I had a tune sticking in my head all night at work.  Over at Madfish Willie's comment party, he played some Stones.  I had Honky Tonk Woman going inside my head until I thought I may have went to Hell.  Trying to think of anything to stop it.  Nothing worked, until Auld Lang Syne popped in there.  Ok, weird, but better.  But of course, it started bouncing between the two after a while.  But wait, from out of nowhere comes that song from "The Sound of Music."  Serious.  No idea where it arrived from, but it was there. "So long, farewell."  Haven't heard that song in days years! I finished the night going between all three.  One of my coworkers let me know that I am certifiably looney.  He may be right. Now.  Thanks alot, Eric!

Well, I'm going out to the lobby, to have myself a snack. 

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July 21, 2004

Wow, Why Did This Happen?

Thank you ever so much, Phillipines.  Give the insurgents what they want, and they'll go away?  Yeah,  that worked great.  I know that a human life was at stake, but you just gave them fuel for their fire.  A whole nation should not allow themselves to be swayed by a handful of idiots.  Yes, you got your man back.  That is great.  But now they've gone and done it again.  How many of these countries are going to cave in, and in doing so, strengthen the insurgents resolve?

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ATW (All Toddler Wrestling)

Being a single guy, and with no mud magnets of my own, I live life vicariously through my brother and sister's families.  My sister called me and left a message last night.  She was still laughing.  Both of her boys are clowns, but the youngest comes up with some funny stuff.

She was tucking the eldest in (the youngest was already in bed ... or had been) when she hears behind her this little guy trying his best to have a deep voice:  (long and drawn out)"Are you ready to 'rasso?!  Ladies and gennamen, please make way for the Master of the Whoooopieeee Cushion!"  I told them about that 2 months ago!  Obviously I made a great impression!

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But They Were Really Nice Guys

Does anyone else think this  is weird?  Turns out that the insurgents who threatened to behead Filipino hostage Angelo dela Cruz are really just a bunch of huggable teddy bears.  Oh, yes, it's true!  yeah, right.

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Gotta Go, Gotta Go, Gotta Go Right Now

I know, I've come up with some weird stuff, but this from Newsday  made me shake my head and laugh; I have to share it.

Just a couple of things. First, Augusto couldn't have had to go that bad.  Not if he had the time to chase Mr. Diaz around Burger King.  And second, who the hell, besides grade schoolers, calls the bathroom a "potty?"  Like I said, I had to share!

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Not Literally!

At work, when we are goofing off, we use the term, "screwing the pooch."  I doubt that our area is the only one that uses that term, but that's beside the point. 

Over at Drudge Report I found this article about an idiot who took the term literally.  Uhhhhh ....

Oh, that rumor about Harvey and the cat, it's not true .... unless Harvey forgets to pay up!

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July 20, 2004

I'm Stumped

Well, not in the way that this poor fellow is.   I had a sick feeling in my guts when I read about a crazed surgeon amputating the poor guy's shwantz.  I'm still wincing.

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Too Late

Today wasn't a good day for me blog-wise.  I was once again stuck doing the "hit and run" blogging/commenting.  Unfortunately, the ideas for posts that I had, had already been covered.

  Grau and Tammi got right on Arnold calling the dems of California "girly men" with Grau's"Listen to me now, and hear me next week ... and Road Warrior's "Oh, for cryin' out loud".  I had cracked up when I read about that, and had a few thoughts, but they both took care of that for me.  I don't mind one bit. 

My other idea that I came up with wasn't really that great, but I thought a few people might be interested.  I was at Kline's Club 88 in Beloit, Wi.  Saturday night, and they had a beer on tap that I really liked.  I thought, "hey, maybe I'll let people know about some of the different beers I try, and bands/albums I listen to each week."  Well, Little Joe had beat me to it, with his entry about Slipknot.  Seriously, on one hand, I thought it was great that he did that, on the other, I was a little bummed.  Oh, well, there's still the beer!

This beer isn't some micro brewery treat, but this is the first time I've found it on tap in this area.  Warsteiner Dunkel is a damn good beer.  I usually drink dark beers, so it's no suprise that I would like this.  However, for being a dark beer, you can drink quite a bit without getting that "I'm going to explode if I have one more" feeling.  Believe me, I put a serious dent in the world's overstock that night.  But there is still so much more work to do!  I shall try my best to rid the world of these beverages, one at a time!

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July 17, 2004

Bold Faced B-Day Lie

My birthday was the ninth. Nothing different from the usual eat, work, sleep, repeat routine. So, I decided I would make up a birthday tale. Here goes.

The day started off like most; got up, stretched, and had an injury free workout. (I said like most!) I showered, ate and then sat down to figure out what I should do on this special day. (Did I mention it was my b-day?) After a couple of bottles of "brunch," I had my day set.

I still had a couple hours before the theatres opened, so I did some housework. Basically that consists of moving my dishes and bottles to the counter next to the sink. The fridge looked like it could use a good cleaning out, so I took care of that, too. Ah, time to head to the movies!

Now Harvey had told me about a sneaky way to see "Farfromright 812" without actually giving any of my money to "der Zeppelin." Buy a ticket for another lame movie, and then sneak into the theatre showing "The Mickey House Show." I know, why see that load of tripe? I just like to anger myself every now and again. Keeps you sharp!

It's been a long while since I've been to the movies. Nobody told me that carrying stuff in was a bad idea; I got thrown out! The movie had just started:
Usher:"Sir, we're going to have to ask you to leave."
T1G:"What's the problem?" (Drops egg)
Usher:"You're throwing things at the screen! You cannot do that!"
T1G:(quickly fires off another tomatoe which hits a man in the first row)"So, my aim is off a bit. Doesn't mean I can't do it! (launches another egg; success!) See?! How about that?"
Usher:(grabbing my garbage bag filled with refrigerator refuse)"I mean, that behavior is not tolerated in here."

T1G:"Alright, keep the garbage, I'll be .... aaaack (angry guy from front row gets me in a sleeper hold)
Angry Guy:"Going. Or maybe getting your butt kicked?!"
T1G: (nodding while holding up one finger) "Grrrraaaaaccccckk"

Once outside, I figured I may as well head for home. No wonder I hadn't been to the movies in awhile.

By now, that garbage bag (which the nice usher made sure I got to keep) was starting to smell a little ripe, so I headed over to the side of the cinema where there were a couple dumpsters. As I neared the bins, I spied a seemingly familiar figure. He had the emergency exit cracked open, and was watching the movie intently. Playing on a hunch, I reached in the bag, got an egg, and fired it at him. No reaction, as I hit the wall next to him. Hiding behind a dumpster, I gingerly rummaged around until I found that rancid jar of pickled herring. Hoping to cover him with the pungent rot, I rifled the jar at the wall over the exit. I caught him square in the back of the head instead!!!

Any question as to his identity was gone as he turned around.Socks/sandals-check. Black cloak-check. And lo and behold, one of Harvey's stakes was protruding from his groin. Evil Glenn!!
EG:"Harvey? Bartender? ' you there?"
Unable to keep from laughing, I stood up.

EG:"Ooooooo .... hobo twins."
T1G:(looking around) "Wha???"
EG:(his eyes growing) "You gents should come with me. I could offer you a bit of disposal repose."
Grau had told me that the evil one screamed like a little girl. Seeing his fingers were still holding the door open, I leaned hard against it. Grau was right!
EG:" AAIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE! Why'd you do that?!"
T1G:There's only one of me here, and though I may dress like one of your targets, I'm not. (sniffing the air)Although, I must say, after that herring bath, you smell like one. Hoooooboy, you reek!"

EG:I know who you are now .... you are the sons of Harvey and Grau. Tell me, do they really ... (moving his eyebrows up and down)"
T1G: Don't even say it!" (we both fight back an involuntary shudder)
EG:"Better left unsaid. Indeed! Why are you guys here anyway?"
So I told him all about my failed scheme.
EG:"Bah, you would think the product of such a coupling would be able to be just a little devious."
T1G: Whatever. Change of topic ... why do you still have that stake in your groin? Being a vampire, that should be a nonlethal wound. Or isn't it?" (starting to see movement over by the dumpsters)
EG:"Oh, it's not lethal at all. (He gets a creepy smile, and his eyes glaze) I just like the way it feels when my cloak rubs against it, like this. See?!" (I turn away ... yeah, there's definitely something, or a couple somethings moving by the bins)
T1G: "Ok, on that note I'll be going. You freak!" (oh look, a couple of large racoons materialize .... must be drawn by the herring)

EG:"That's lawyer to you two. And, please go. You're making me miss my son's movie! (racoons move in closer) I'm so proud of ....... mmmmmmmmmm, puppies!"
T1G:"Actually, those .... ah, nevermind. I'm gone." (More 'coons are appearing now, as Evil Glenn reaches for one ....)
Yep, Grau was right on about that girly scream.
EG:AAAHHH! I'll get you two and your fathers for this! You hobo lookalikes! Aaahhh! I'll fix it so that .... oooh, hey, that's right you nasty animal. Keep rubbing that stake.........."

What a freak! It wasn't the best birthday, but it was by far the most enertaining one. Hey, I wonder if EG has done something to Grau in retaliation?! Maybe that's why we haven't heard anything from him! Sorry, Pop! 


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July 15, 2004

Whoopi, There She Ain't!

I saw this at Sailor's site on Monday, saved the article, and figured to do some checking and griping.

Well, it seems that Cajun beat me to it! I really like what he had to say; pretty much mirrors what I was going to say!

I only had a little more to throw in, and I got that from an article that tells a bit more.She says she's done material on every president in the past 20 years. It's one thing if the man is sitting there, and the jokes are done "roast" style. That can be tasteless in itself, but it's totally inappropriate when the person isn't there. You can't even say it was a harmless joke, when your other celebrities and speakers are spewing their bile!

Now she feels that the Republicans are trying to hurt her pocketbook. Riiigght. We all know that because you lost the Slim Fast gig, you are going to be living on the street. (No, working on the street doesn't qualify as living on it.) It's just a matter of what is appropriate. Like she said herself, it's not going to shut her up. I wish like hell there was a way to do that.

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July 14, 2004


I learned a very valuable lesson today while attempting to work out. Always check cable connections before exercising. I sat down and attempted to do some pulldowns and got a very rude awakening. Or rather, blackening. The cable had come unthreaded and when I gave a mighty pull, all I did was slam the bar down on the top of my head! I heard a crunch, saw a flash, and then everything started to fade out. I didn't get knocked out, 'cuz I saw the ceiling staring back at me before I hit the bench. I wish I had a video of it. My cousin said he saw the bar slam into my head, I grabbed my head, and then slowly tipped over! Ah, good times, good times. I laugh now, but at the time all I could say over the throbbing pain were a bunch of caveman grunts! Guess what I'm checking on Friday before I do anything else?!

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I'm a moron when it comes to code. According to some, it's not only then! But anyway, I finally figured out what I was doing to keep me from adding things to my sidebar. I've run out of time to add all that I would like, but I'll do that tonight. I'm just happy that I figured it out!

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2004 Demoncratic Democratic Convention Schedule

A Sailor in the Desert has posted the schedule for the DNC. I thought it sounded about right, except that I think they left out a few toasts!

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Buy to Destroy

Ok, here's one that offers a bit of a poser.Teen tries to buy gun co.. I read this, and instantly I felt rage. But when I sit back and think things through, I have to admit that I'm not angry at the same things that have made me angry. Bear with me, please, a libation,or ten,or even more, is at work.

Being a life member of the NRA, I first thought that my anger was about the "it's the gun manufacturer's fault" cry. Ok, maybe a little. But not what I first believed. Yes, it's getting to be a pretty common thing nowadays, but that just wasn't it. Even if they did win that battle, it only mildly enrages me. Haha! See, no worries!:) We NRA members tend to be a little sensitive when things like this come about!

Then, I thought maybe I was only angry because young Maxfield wanted to buy Bryco Arms only to shut it down. No. Actually, I like the concept. Granted, he should think this out a little better, and I'll hit on that shortly, but it's a pretty good idea. Kind of a variation of the biblical "if thy right hand offends thee, cut it off ...." ((Matt. 5:30?) I used to be a churchboy.)

After a couple more self checks, I realized what it was that bugged me: the sheer stupidity of it all! One thing I hate more than an air of superiority is a fog of stupidity. I feel bad for Brandon. I really do. But, to blame this incident on a manufacturing flaw alone is idiotic. WTF, no, what the fuck ever happened to good old gun safety?! When handling a tool that is capable of launching projectiles faster than the speed of sound, point the fucking thing away from others; preferably at the ground!Can we say "no brainer!" I can. Hell, I can even type it.

Buying a bankrupt company. Hmmmmmmmm. This could be looked at a couple of different ways, depending on what was filed. No, I guess a debt that is a fine or penalty imposed for violating the law is not forgiven. So, I guess that would be money right back in you and your lawyer's pockets. See, it's mentally tearing me apart! This would be the part where I was going to expand upon Maxfield not thinking things out. Shit. Oh, well, I've typed this, and I'm posting it. Nyah. Now I'm pissed that I can't be pissed about what originally pissed me off!

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July 13, 2004

This Better Be A Doublecross!

Heard this at the pub, and had to run home to see if it's true. I'm hoping that this crap with the Phillipines is some kind of doublecross. They say that the statement appeared to be deliberately ambiguous.

I hope that this statement was made with one hand waving "We Give Up," while the other is holding a keg of whoop ass. I know it's easy to say this sitting here in my house, but we can't keep doing as these sons of goatpigs wish. First Spain has to prove that, yes, you can tell us what to do, Mr. Smellyfuck. Now it's appearing that the Phillipines are caving. Gah! Nothing like giving them more hope and ambition. "Hey, the swine are actually leaving! Now let us come up with more threats, and see what they will do!!" Please be planning some kind of doublecross, Phillipines. PLEASE

A good friend of mine had a great tactic when facing potential trouble. We were at a concert in Lejuene, and it was open to civilians. One civilian guy started trouble with my buddy's wife, and would not let up. Said friend did something that I was laughing about for a whole week. He is a lefty, and he started waving his right hand at the guy, telling him to chill out, settle down, let it go. Once the idiot dropped his guard, my buddy dropped him. Cheap shot? Yes. Effective? Most definitely! As my buddy said, "he wasn't going to be happy until fists were flying. I just made him happy!" I hope that this situation with the Phillipines is a similar deal.

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July 09, 2004

What Type of Personality Are You?

I got this from Mostly Cajun, who got it from Acidman, who got it .... does it really matter? I had to laugh at my results after taking Better Personality Test. A little maniacally, but I laughed.

My Results:

Wackiness: 62/100
Rationality: 62/100
Constructiveness: 50/100
Leadership: 56/100

You are a WRDL--Wacky Rational Destructive Leader. This makes you an enemy of the state. You are charismatic and winning and a very dangerous enemy. You favor justice over compassion, and would almost rather see your opponent fail than you succeed.

You impact the lives of those around you more than any other personality. People remember your name and respect you. You are a tremendous amount of fun to be around and astonishing to watch. You are generally abstinent in your habits, and you like things tidy and ordered.

When picking teams, it is smartest for others to pick yours.

Enemy of the State .... Muahahahahahaha!

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July 07, 2004

Punxsutawney Cujo?

This is one I wish I could have seen! A vicious groundhog attack leaves two men terribly shaken! Keeeeeheeeeheeeeeee. Yes, I know that groundhogs can be a little mean, but this had to be hysterical to see. Like I told my blog sis Boudicca, about her story, it's fun to watch the neighborhood sometimes. Especially if they don't live right next door!

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Mexican Fear of Marines

This is just one of those things that you don't quite know how to take. I mean, you are enraged, and at the same time, you've got a little smirk going. The situation, a funeral.

Lcpl. Juan Lopez was one of four U.S. Marines killed in an ambush in Ramadi, west of Baghdad, on June 21. Lopez was born in San Luis De La Paz, Mexico, immigrated to Dalton, GA, as teen before joining the Marines. During his funeral, Sunday, Mexican soldiers blocked the path of a color guard as they marched to the grave site.

Personally, I am pissed that these asses would dishonor this young Marine's memory over some replica rifles. The initial 21 gun salute was scrapped because Mexico's Constitution bans foreign soldiers from carrying firearms. Sounds as if the soldiers thought they might fire it anyway. Still, how low do you go?

And that's where the smirk starts. (All apologies and respect to Lcpl. Lopez and his family.) Did these soldiers have the first line of the Marine Hymn going through their tiny little skulls? Were they afraid that 10 Marines were going to storm their country? How frickin' sorry! You really do want to cry for Lopez's family, while fighting off rage and the urge to laugh at the imbeciles.

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July 06, 2004


Here's the picture; I am house/pet sitting for my cousin this week. So, any blogging done is going to be of the "hit and run" variety. I stop by my house for about a half hour twice a day. I come diddyboppin' in this morning, and Holy Freakin' Shit, my birth is announced! Now, this shouldn't have caught me off guard ... Harvey,Grau, and I have been talking about doing this for a bit. But,....

Oh, well, what's that saying? When life gives you sour milk and eggs, drink it, and it should make you stronger. If it doesn't kill you. I may be a little off, but that should be close!

Anyway, welcome to Drunken Wisdom. I will be a little slow out of the blocks, but I swear, it will get better.

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July 05, 2004

Tree Huggin' SOB

Well, I'm not really back, but I stopped by my house to check mail and e-mail, and saw something on my main page that just pisses me off. I don't know how many may see this, and to be frank, I don't give a shit. I'm still practicing, and I'm irate. Anyway, this is the story that made me so happy.

To condense, Mikey Scrotumtree (believe it or not, not his real name) is an eco terrorist, goes to Canada, gets busted trying to shoplift a pair of boltcutters, now wants to live "forever" in Canada, and Canadian Immigration and Refugee boards actually are holding hearings to determine if Mikey is admissible to apply for refugee status. WTF???

I won't give Mr. Scrotums "new name." To me that's like me choosing to be called "Bob Who Kills Those Annoying The Great Bob." Just one part of what pisses me off. But the kicker is that Canada actually will have hearings on his behalf. I realize that it may be a formality, but you busted the numbnuts stealing! Great potential citizen. Not to mention the tree crap. We all know that there are no trees up there, and therefore no logging. You should have no problems with little Miss Firebomb. None. (I have to wipe the excess sarcasm off of my screen.)


Oh, and here's another link to help make sense of my rambling.

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July 01, 2004

Ugly Marines? Hell, No!

My blog sister, Boudicca, posted about her theme of the night ... U.S. Marines. A couple of stories from when she was a little younger, and a quote she made: "God didn't make any ugly Marines." That's just cool!

I found a few more quotes that you will appreciate if you are a current or former Marine as I am. (I guess that was starting to get a little obvious!) These are found at Doc Russia's Bloodletting blog. I think my favorites come from Chesty Puller. There was a Marine!

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Must Be Something In The Water

Now, I'm no serious tennis buff, but I usually try to make it a point to catch some of Wimbledon and the French (aaaugh... uncontrollable retching) Open. It's a sport to watch once in a great while.

This week, I've been impressed by a couple different things. There's been some great matches. Some of these players are incredible to watch; Roddick's blistering serves, Federer's dominance, and Serena's power. There are plenty of others, but that's getting away from the point of this post.

What I want to know is this; what's going on in Russia? Is there something in the water? Are they adding some secret ingredient that increases uncommonly beautiful tennis players? I don't mean to sound like a perv, because I'm not. Weeell, maybe .... Anyway, watching the matches with Tatiana Golovin and Maria Sharapova got me to wondering. First Anna Kournikova, and now these two. And, these two can play! Obviously, Anna could at one time or she wouldn't have made it to the semi's. But these two have alot of potential. Whoa! Just wait a couple more years!

And, no, it's not because they are blonde. This gentleman does not prefer blondes! It's just because they are going to be a couple of hotties!:)

Not that there aren't any hotties here, there's plenty, but it makes you wonder if you were born in the wrong country. Then you realize, they're all moving over here! Keep on coming over, and bring some of that water with you!!

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