July 15, 2004

Whoopi, There She Ain't!

I saw this at Sailor's site on Monday, saved the article, and figured to do some checking and griping.

Well, it seems that Cajun beat me to it! I really like what he had to say; pretty much mirrors what I was going to say!

I only had a little more to throw in, and I got that from an article that tells a bit more.She says she's done material on every president in the past 20 years. It's one thing if the man is sitting there, and the jokes are done "roast" style. That can be tasteless in itself, but it's totally inappropriate when the person isn't there. You can't even say it was a harmless joke, when your other celebrities and speakers are spewing their bile!

Now she feels that the Republicans are trying to hurt her pocketbook. Riiigght. We all know that because you lost the Slim Fast gig, you are going to be living on the street. (No, working on the street doesn't qualify as living on it.) It's just a matter of what is appropriate. Like she said herself, it's not going to shut her up. I wish like hell there was a way to do that.

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