July 01, 2004

Must Be Something In The Water

Now, I'm no serious tennis buff, but I usually try to make it a point to catch some of Wimbledon and the French (aaaugh... uncontrollable retching) Open. It's a sport to watch once in a great while.

This week, I've been impressed by a couple different things. There's been some great matches. Some of these players are incredible to watch; Roddick's blistering serves, Federer's dominance, and Serena's power. There are plenty of others, but that's getting away from the point of this post.

What I want to know is this; what's going on in Russia? Is there something in the water? Are they adding some secret ingredient that increases uncommonly beautiful tennis players? I don't mean to sound like a perv, because I'm not. Weeell, maybe .... Anyway, watching the matches with Tatiana Golovin and Maria Sharapova got me to wondering. First Anna Kournikova, and now these two. And, these two can play! Obviously, Anna could at one time or she wouldn't have made it to the semi's. But these two have alot of potential. Whoa! Just wait a couple more years!

And, no, it's not because they are blonde. This gentleman does not prefer blondes! It's just because they are going to be a couple of hotties!:)

Not that there aren't any hotties here, there's plenty, but it makes you wonder if you were born in the wrong country. Then you realize, they're all moving over here! Keep on coming over, and bring some of that water with you!!

Posted by That 1 Guy at July 1, 2004 01:23 AM