July 05, 2004

Tree Huggin' SOB

Well, I'm not really back, but I stopped by my house to check mail and e-mail, and saw something on my main page that just pisses me off. I don't know how many may see this, and to be frank, I don't give a shit. I'm still practicing, and I'm irate. Anyway, this is the story that made me so happy.

To condense, Mikey Scrotumtree (believe it or not, not his real name) is an eco terrorist, goes to Canada, gets busted trying to shoplift a pair of boltcutters, now wants to live "forever" in Canada, and Canadian Immigration and Refugee boards actually are holding hearings to determine if Mikey is admissible to apply for refugee status. WTF???

I won't give Mr. Scrotums "new name." To me that's like me choosing to be called "Bob Who Kills Those Annoying The Great Bob." Just one part of what pisses me off. But the kicker is that Canada actually will have hearings on his behalf. I realize that it may be a formality, but you busted the numbnuts stealing! Great potential citizen. Not to mention the tree crap. We all know that there are no trees up there, and therefore no logging. You should have no problems with little Miss Firebomb. None. (I have to wipe the excess sarcasm off of my screen.)


Oh, and here's another link to help make sense of my rambling.

Posted by That 1 Guy at July 5, 2004 11:19 AM