July 26, 2004

This Weeks Fave's 7/25

Music this week was loaned to me by Mr. Maltby.  He lent me Chevelle's "Wonder What's Next."

I had heard a few songs off of the album on the radio,  and kinda liked them.  Not overwhelmed, but seemed "ok."  I'm impressed now!  If you like Tool, you'll like these guys.  No, they don't sound exactly like them, but they structure their music in a similar manner.  And, believe it or not, they are a Christian influenced band.  As a matter of fact, they are listed under Christian music.Now, I'm not saying that I like them for that, or that I hold it against them.  I do like good music, and this is some goooood music.  Closure, The Red, and An Evening With el Diablo are my favorites.  As soon as I get some extra ching, this is going to be added to the collection.

Beer, same old Amber Bock.  Good, good, old Amber Bock.  Me thirsty.

Started reading "Songs of Susannah" by Stephen King.  Not too far into it yet, but it's getting good.  It kinda started slow.  I think that may be because he's giving a bit of a backstory as he's telling the current story.  This is book six in the Dark Tower series.   If this is anything like the other's it should be excellent!  If it's not, please don't tell me.

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