July 24, 2004


Just a quick note to all of you, all 7 of you who may read this.  I am going to be doing some research into a drinking game called quarters.  You may know how to play, and if so, suffer while I offer a short explanation.  Players take turns bouncing a quarter off of the bar, or table, whatever is handy, and trying to get the quarter into a glass.  If they succeed, a fellow player, called out before the bounce attempt, has to rid the world of a shot of liquor.  In one on one mode, one gets a chance to nullify the attempt by sinking said quarter after the successful attempt.  This is repeated until the bartender orders you out of the establishment.

If any of you happen to know who originated this game, please send a name and address, so that I may get even with the gent/lady.  This game may be fun, but putting a sot into the condition in which I happen to be stuck in presently is not.  Ok, it may be, but....ah, nevermind.

My apologies in advance to those blogfamily members who I may have e-mailed.  I know some went through, I just hope they aren't as meandering as I think they may be.

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