July 27, 2004

Fast Food Joint

Found an amusing little piece.  A teenager claims to have found (in best nerdy voice) a marijuana cigarette in her yogurt parfait from the Golden Arches.  No wonder they've adopted the "I'm Lovin' It" slogan.  What a way to give people the munchies!

I don't know if I believe that some idiot was stupid enough to be smoking inside of the kitchen area, but then again....  It's well known among the teens and some adults (bar knowledge), that one of the fast food joints one town over has a drive-thru with "extras" if you go through on the right night.  Thought it was a crock. Until I met the bonehead providing the extra service.  (If you must know, it was not a business transaction!)  Nice kid, but not very bright. 

  It'll be interesting to see what they find out.  Never know, it may have been extinguished in the yogurt by the consumer!

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