March 26, 2007


Whether you believe in Gott, or you believe that life came about from an explosion, every creature and/or person serves a purpose. Or that's the way things were originally designed. We beings that are civilized no longer believe that killing is a necessary thing... I gotta wonder.

Now, I ain't saying that I want to go off and wipe somebody out. I'm just wondering what the purpose is for the human mosquito... or the human leech. There's no health benefits in having these bastards bleed you to death. Scum sucking bottom feeders at least get rid of scum... these other bastards kill ya. I do believe that in the times afore civilization, they were put here to hone our killing skills. Now, I don't know...

Civilization is an evil, evil thing...

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August 10, 2006

Darwin Nominee

This guy has got to be one of the top qualifiers for this year's "Darwin Awards."

If taking a sledgehammer to a grenade doesn't qualify, I don't know what will... okay, I do.

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July 31, 2006


You ever notice how some folks just wait until someone says, or does something wrong, and then they jump on it and have to show everyone how "wrong" it is? We all do it to some degree, some of us less than others, but some folks just live for that shit. It's their livelihood... they are film critics. And then there are the wannabes...

I went back to IMDB to read some of the reviews and quotes from The World's Fastest Indian... the film I watched Saturday night. (Actually, Redneck, it was the DVD.) I came across an instance of someone in too much of a hurry to critique... so naturally, I'm going to be a jackass, and critique their critique.

Anachronisms: In the scene in the bar in the desert Bert is telling them that, "Back in New Zealand we breed those things [deer] on farms."
In New Zealand, deer farming didn't start until the late-1970s and most Kiwis would have laughed at the idea in 1967
While it's true that deer farming didn't start until the 1970's, this guy, or gal, is totally off. What they're referring to is a scene where the locals of that bar try to jack with Burt. One of them asks something along the lines of, "You seen anything like that back home," and then points overhead to a jackalope. A JACKALOPE... not a frickin' deer. Burt, seeing the smirks on the other locals faces, plays along, and starts in with his tale, telling how they take the horns, grind'em up, and send them to the Orient as an aphrodisiac. It lightened the mood of the bar.

I think most Kiwis would have laughed at an idiot who can't tell a jackalope from a deer. But then again... I may be wrong. Maybe it was a deer, and I'm an idiot. Those of you that have seen the movie, am I wrong? Or am I right, as usual?

BTW, if you start looking at dates, jackalopes have been around since the thirties... at least. So ya can't ding me or the movie on that one.

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May 18, 2006



Do you want to win the "The Moron Of The Week?" Or rather, properly guess the Moron, and win linkage beyond your wildest dreams? Samantha Burns has her weekly post up, and so far, NO ONE HAS GUESSED IT... SHE'S HAD TO LEAVE A CLUE!!!

To see the moron's silhouette, and take your guess, go to her main page, look to the right column, and click on the silhoutte to leave your brilliant guess.

Good luck.

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February 06, 2006


This week's Moron is up over at Sam's place. As usual, head on over, take a look, and take a guess.

You could be famous. Someday.

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January 31, 2006


Sorry it's a day late, but Sam's got this week's edition of Moron up.

Check it out, yo.

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January 23, 2006


This week's "Moron of the Week" is up over at Sam's place. I'm again clueless, but that doesn't mean you can't guess.

Head on over, take a look, and give it your best guess. If you're right, you'll be famous. Seriously.

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