July 13, 2004

This Better Be A Doublecross!

Heard this at the pub, and had to run home to see if it's true. I'm hoping that this crap with the Phillipines is some kind of doublecross. They say that the statement appeared to be deliberately ambiguous.

I hope that this statement was made with one hand waving "We Give Up," while the other is holding a keg of whoop ass. I know it's easy to say this sitting here in my house, but we can't keep doing as these sons of goatpigs wish. First Spain has to prove that, yes, you can tell us what to do, Mr. Smellyfuck. Now it's appearing that the Phillipines are caving. Gah! Nothing like giving them more hope and ambition. "Hey, the swine are actually leaving! Now let us come up with more threats, and see what they will do!!" Please be planning some kind of doublecross, Phillipines. PLEASE

A good friend of mine had a great tactic when facing potential trouble. We were at a concert in Lejuene, and it was open to civilians. One civilian guy started trouble with my buddy's wife, and would not let up. Said friend did something that I was laughing about for a whole week. He is a lefty, and he started waving his right hand at the guy, telling him to chill out, settle down, let it go. Once the idiot dropped his guard, my buddy dropped him. Cheap shot? Yes. Effective? Most definitely! As my buddy said, "he wasn't going to be happy until fists were flying. I just made him happy!" I hope that this situation with the Phillipines is a similar deal.

Posted by That 1 Guy at July 13, 2004 07:20 PM