July 14, 2004

Buy to Destroy

Ok, here's one that offers a bit of a poser.Teen tries to buy gun co.. I read this, and instantly I felt rage. But when I sit back and think things through, I have to admit that I'm not angry at the same things that have made me angry. Bear with me, please, a libation,or ten,or even more, is at work.

Being a life member of the NRA, I first thought that my anger was about the "it's the gun manufacturer's fault" cry. Ok, maybe a little. But not what I first believed. Yes, it's getting to be a pretty common thing nowadays, but that just wasn't it. Even if they did win that battle, it only mildly enrages me. Haha! See, no worries!:) We NRA members tend to be a little sensitive when things like this come about!

Then, I thought maybe I was only angry because young Maxfield wanted to buy Bryco Arms only to shut it down. No. Actually, I like the concept. Granted, he should think this out a little better, and I'll hit on that shortly, but it's a pretty good idea. Kind of a variation of the biblical "if thy right hand offends thee, cut it off ...." ((Matt. 5:30?) I used to be a churchboy.)

After a couple more self checks, I realized what it was that bugged me: the sheer stupidity of it all! One thing I hate more than an air of superiority is a fog of stupidity. I feel bad for Brandon. I really do. But, to blame this incident on a manufacturing flaw alone is idiotic. WTF, no, what the fuck ever happened to good old gun safety?! When handling a tool that is capable of launching projectiles faster than the speed of sound, point the fucking thing away from others; preferably at the ground!Can we say "no brainer!" I can. Hell, I can even type it.

Buying a bankrupt company. Hmmmmmmmm. This could be looked at a couple of different ways, depending on what was filed. No, I guess a debt that is a fine or penalty imposed for violating the law is not forgiven. So, I guess that would be money right back in you and your lawyer's pockets. See, it's mentally tearing me apart! This would be the part where I was going to expand upon Maxfield not thinking things out. Shit. Oh, well, I've typed this, and I'm posting it. Nyah. Now I'm pissed that I can't be pissed about what originally pissed me off!

Posted by That 1 Guy at July 14, 2004 01:08 AM