October 28, 2004

Still Here

Sorry that not much has been posted here lately. Kinda busy. But I have been checking in on you whenever MuNu or Blogspot isn't down. Things should get a little better within the next week or so. In the meantime ....

Why can't our lawmakers be this much fun?Foodfights. Fistfights. If this were ever to enter our process, it would change the way we elect our senators and representatives. "Senator Smith packs a powerful punch ... no wonder he was asked to sponsor this bill." "Yes, but Senator Brown is very elusive, and throws a mean bowl of chili."

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October 25, 2004

Blog Rolling

Harvey asked us awhile back, "Who do you desperately want to be blogrolled by?"

I thought for awhile about this, and I came up with this: Those that have already blogrolled me are enough for me. Oh, sure, I'd be flattered if some big name had me on their list. No doubt about it! I'm just not really seeking that.

I started out doing this because Mr. Olson and Grau gave me a guiding push. (Actually, Harvey was more like being hit with a truck! "Do ya have a blog? You should have a blog! ...." Anyone who is a member of the Bad Example Family knows how this is! :)) They both thought that I had some good things to say, and as I started thinking about it, I really liked the idea. I just wanted a site that gave a person the feeling of sitting down in a pub or a cafe, and just visiting with people. Funny topics, strange topics, light politics ... small talk. It was a cool feeling to see this thing come to life.

After I started, it was a bit before I started noticing my blog being listed at others' sites. That was cool. I'm not too into the attention, although I will say sometimes it does feel pretty good! Just like having someone link you. Great feeling!

Anyway, I have to say that a couple of those that have blogrolled me have been pleasant suprises. I enjoy going over to sarahk's. Funny stuff, and along the lines of my type of posting. Plus, she's a cutie! :) I don't know how long I was going over there before I noticed that I was on her blogroll. I was kinda suprised, but, damn, that felt good!

Then there's Eric. I started reading him after a comment party over at Madfish's. (Seriously, I think comment parties are a good thing. You can meet some cool people at them. Bloodspite and Eric just are just a couple. Plus, you get to see how the minds of your fellow bloggers work!) Eric is a former Marine, so that makes him a brother, but his blog is cool reading even without that fact. Anyway, I never knew that I had a spot on his list of links, until one day I'm over there reading, and I happened to see "beerbrains." I thought, "That's a cool name," and started to click on it to check it out. As I passed the mouse over it, I saw that it was me. Bright guy that I am, I had forgotten that was part of my url. Duh! Anyway, once again, good feeling.

And my latest find, was Yorkshire Snowman. Paul's a bit infatuated with snow. No problem with that, as I like it, too. Anyway, I had noticed that I kept getting referrals from his site, sometimes four a day. I figured that there was no way that it was from the "Next Blog" feature on Blogspot. So I gave him a visit. Sure enough, there I was, under his "Other Tasty Morsels" list. I had never read him, and I have no idea how he discovered my blog. It was a very cool thing! I'm glad that I checked it out, as I now visit his site daily. I've not commented often, but I enjoy the hell out of his webcam shots of snow from all over.

Of course, the "family" .... we're all on each other's lists, but it's not just because of the family ties. These are some really great blogs, and it's great to be on their list of blogs.

Well, now. This was pretty much an "I'm still alive" post when I started. Sorry to have rambled. To the others that have blogrolled me, I haven't slighted you. I just thought of these three immediately after reading Harvey's post. I appreciate all of you who have blogrolled me, and those who visit me. This next beer's to all of you ... Cheers!

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October 24, 2004



Smashing body parts

Beer consumed

Carrying diswasher around like a boom box

Waking up

What do all of these things have in common? Ouchiness. No lie. Much ouchosity felt right now.

I'm going back to bed.

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Word O the Rest O the Week

This word comes as a recommendation from a certain someone. I won't give an example, good or bad. The word?


One can only guess where this is going! :)

You can use it properly, or preferrably mutilate the poor little word. Doesn't even have to make sense, just make someone laugh!

Let's see what you've got!

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October 22, 2004

Musical Menagerie

I dug up this for Eric for his birthday last week. Hidden in the comments is another song, passed along by Harvey.

I thought that Viking kittens and a flying puppy singing about starting a nuclear war at a gay bar deserved to be seen up front.

Enjoy. (now I've got to get that song out of my head!)

Thanks, Harvey!

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October 21, 2004

How Jedi Are You?

Saw this over at Yorkshire Snowman and just had to steal it!

:: how jedi are you? ::

Entertaining, I found it.

Thanks, Paul!

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October 20, 2004


It's been a pretty hectic week, and looking to be another one in the making. Probably going to be another week of erratic posting.

The benefit for Barry was this past Saturday. That went rather well, considering the weather. It was damn cold! We had a Poker run and then a party at one of Barry's favorite haunts. For those that don't know, a poker run is a fundraiser where I would take my bike, register with whoever is in charge of the run, they give me a sheet and a map that shows your list of stops to make. At each stop, which usually is a bar, but can be almost anywhere that someone is willing to put up with a large number of bikers, I draw a card. Whoever has the best hand at the end of the ride wins cash. As in many cases, the winner of this one just gave it back to Barry.

And Barry was there. He's doing pretty good; moves a little gingerly, but other than that, he looks pretty good. Although, as I told him, that doesn't mean he's not ugly! Doctors say he's at about 80% mentally, but that should soon improve.(Of course, even Barry said that 80% is much better than what he usually has working!) They keep telling his wife that he's a walking miracle, and she agrees. She's doing really well handling all of this.

The benefit raised about $15,000 for Barry. Not too shabby for under three weeks of preparation! My youngest brother and one of his friends started planning it out one night at the bar. Everything seemed to come together. It ended up being the largest poker run of the year, for that bar. They had a raffle for cash, with a first of $500, second $250 and $100 third. At the party itself, people had donated gifts, so there were a couple other raffles going on. I won a game called "Dirty Minds." I don't know if I'm going to be very good at it! ;)

I was selling raffle tickets for the past two weeks, and I've gotta say again; I'm not a salesman! They were five bucks apiece, with a book of three for ten bucks. I eventually ended up selling about $400 worth, but it took quite awhile. (And before someone hollers at me about not trying to sell them here, I thought about it, but it seemed like it might be a little awkward. Personal info needed and all.) I now know that if someone ever asks me to buy something, and I can't afford it or don't want it, I'll just say, "No, I can't right now. Sorry." I'll never again try to offer up reasons why I can't. Some of the excuses tossed at me had me shaking with ire. "Things are really bad right now, I've got too many bills, I've gotta do (this) for my kid, etc., etc." I know that these were ligit reasons ... some of them. But think about what you're saying and how it sounds compared to "Barry's got $250,000 in medical bills." One of the best ones, was a guy being all sympathetic and worried about Barry, and then when I asked if he would by a raffle ticket to help, says very bluntly, no. A simple "no" is what I asked for, but that just had me at the point of snapping!

One of my brother's friends is a much more effective saleman than I. When one guy at the track (they all drag race) rudely told him "no," JT just said, "You ride, right?" "Yeah, why?" "Just keep this in mind when you go down," and then he walked away. He wasn't wishing bad on the guy, but he sure made him think!

Anyway, it was a busy weekend, and it sounds like this is going to be the same. I'm helping to move my mother on Saturday. Yay! (grumble, grumble, grumble)

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October 18, 2004

That Just Tears It!

Well, I set my goal, and as usual, I'm not going to reach it. I hate that!

I was trying to avoid turning the heat on until November, but, after this past week, there's no way I can do it. Actually, I probably could, but I would be a little lacking in the sanity area. It's been cold and cloudy for too long; the house just isn't getting warm enough during the day to hold the heat over the night hours. I'm pretty sure the thermostat said it was 49o when I got up the other morning, but I was shaking too much to be sure. I decided right then that it's time to swallow some pride and get smart!

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October 17, 2004

Word O the Rest O the Week ...There are new posts below!


Example: Geodynamic? Gee, thanks!
Remember, my real name is Joe.

You can use it properly, or preferrably mutilate the poor little word. Doesn't even have to make sense, just make someone laugh!

Let's see what you've got!

BTW, the last word had some great laugh out loud examples!

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October 16, 2004

One of those drunk guy questions

Quick, pretend that I'm drunk and so are you. What veggies do ya hate, and why? The fate of the universe may depend on your answer, Luke fellow drunks(of course, I'm not really drunk, I just are pretending). I can't believe all of you are drunk. Lushes!!!

My most hated? Well, I don't really consider it a veggie, but some do.


Athlete's foot=fungus
Jock itch=fungus
No more need be said.

No wonder I feel itchy inside whenever I try to eat them.

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October 14, 2004

It's His Birthday ... buh buh buh buh Birthday!

It's Eric of Straight White Guy's birthday!

I dug up something just for him in honor of the day. Eric's got an admitted fetish for squirrels. I thought that maybe he might appreciate some dancing squirrels.

Or not.

Anyway, go over to his place, and wish him a Happy Birthday!

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And I thought I was being nice!

Someone called me a psycho today on my answering machine. I don't quite get it. Some very nice person has been calling while I'm trying to sleep, and then hanging up. It's definitely a person, because you can hear the background noise before the lovely click sounds. So I've changed my message, even though I know it's not going to stop anything. But it will give me a little satisfaction, as it has already!

New message: (in an overly friendly tone)
Hi, this is Joe. If you are Mr. or Ms. Hangup, please allow me to bestow my blessings upon you.
May you be blessed with a large number of simultaneously broken bones.
May you be blessed with the loathing of your children, and your children's children.
And may you be blessed with the opportunity to rot in Hell.

Anyone else, please leave a message!

I tried so hard to sound like a nice guy, and then someone calls me psycho! It really hurt!! :)

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October 14

Today is October 14th. The anniversary of my father's death. Not really a day of mourning anymore, although sometimes I will mourn what was. Most years, this is a day of reflection.

I go to his grave. Sometimes I sit, others I stand. Sometimes I'm there for only long enough to clean off the headstone, other times I'm there for almost an hour. Sometimes I actually speak out loud to him. I make jokes, and yes, I know I sound loony. :) It's just something that I do every Father's Day and fourteenth of October. I know that I'm not the only one of the kids visiting... sometimes there's a rose laying on the headstone. A sure sign that my favorite (and only) sister has been there.

I'll often sit there and look at the dates: February 13, 1936 -October 14, 1976. I always do math in my head. * 29 when he married .... He was 31 when I was born... 32 when "the perfect one" arrived ... 34 when my sister made her appearance ... and 36 when younger brother got here.... I'm (insert age ...37 this year) and no kids .... 40 when he died .... damn, I'm closing in on him there* Sometimes I'm depressed by the numbers, but not that often. Mostly, it's just time to reflect on my life and his.

Johhny Cash songs will go through my head most of the time I'm there. Sometimes I'll sing them to myself. Dad was a huge fan of Cash, and that's but one of the reasons that Cash meant so much to me. Harvey had asked, rather, told me that I should do a post on why Cash meant so much to me. I've tried. I've honestly tried. I just hasn't felt right yet. Maybe later on.

Thought I would show you something that my aunt had written for one of her classes. There are a few time that I hate this, and most where I sit back and admire it. Always in awe of how she nailed her, and others', feelings that day 28 years ago.

October 14th

I remember that day when the telephone rang; a woman's voice announced there was an accident
you were not breathing

I jumped into the station wagon praying it can't be, it can't be
two miles seemed like an eternity

someone told me what happened that morning the monstrous machine fell on you piercing your brain
but I knew that you'd be alright

everyone rushed to the hospital but I stayed wandering aimlessly
trying to understand

I love the cornucopia fields the trees that huddled your home
the brook that rippled sinuously

I walked past the milkhouse where you poured warm milk from the cows each morning and night
sometimes spilling the white liquid
multitudes of cats and kittens would lap with soft pink tongues

each cow had a name and knew which stall was hers
at Christmas you and your wife exchanged gifts that said "From: Bessie" or "Goldie" you loved your farm the animals the crops your family

the detective stopped by to investigate your accident I asked him if he knew what your condition was
with a kind voice he replied, "Didn't you hear? He was killed."
No-o-o-o-o! It can't be he has four children a wife a farm
God can't do this but He did

the birds stopped singing the breeze stopped blowing the brook stopped rippling everything stopped.
realization of death filled my heart overpowering every sense I had
nothing nothing mattered

days passed into months months into years I walk aimlessly brushing cobwebs from empty stall where cows once stood hungry cats prowl searching for warm spilt milk
a homemade birdfeeder sways in the breeze
the gentle brook whispers your name

I'm sure that I don't need to tell you that almost everyone in our family has this framed and mounted on our wall.

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October 13, 2004

Light Blogging Alert

Next couple of days will see few posts. Oh, they'll be there, it's just not going to be a lot of the usual tripe.

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October 11, 2004

Let Down

I know that not every one believes as I do, and I have no problem with that. But there are some times that you feel a little disappointment in your appreciation of a person or in this case, a band.

I was listening to the new Lamb of God album. Very good, as is most of their stuff that I've heard. They are probably on of my current favorites, musically. I was listening to "Omerta," and there is a monologue that opens the song. It's a variation of The Sacred Code of Silence. Their version: "Whoever appeals to the law against his fellow man, is either a fool or a coward. Whoever cannot take care of himself without that law is both. For a wounded man shall say to his assailant, 'If I live, I will kill you. If I die, you are forgiven.' Such is the rule of honor."I heard that, and thought , "I kinda like that. Sounds hardcore!"

So later on in the album is the title track. It's an awesome instrumental. However, as I'm listening, there's another monologue in this song. I can't make out all of it, but here's how it goes: "We killed alot of innocent civilians. To us, every civilian in Baghdad was a terrorist. (can't make out first couple words) ... are now in civilian clothes, that makes everybody free game. But if they came within our perimeter, we lit'em up. And when we would pull the body out, and we would search the car, we would find nothing. This took place time, and time again. No harm, no foul. It's okay. Don't worry about it. (can't make out word) this is a new type of war. This is an eradication. I honestly feel that, uh, we're commiting genocide over here. I don't believe in killing civilians, and I'm not going to kill civilians for the United States Marine Corps."

I need not say that I wasn't happy. Of course, there is no credit given for or to the person who supposedly said this crap. So I started hunting. All I came up with is this bit.

The instrumental title track contains a sound bite of a soldier saying, "I honestly believe that we're committing genocide over here. I don't believe in killing civilians." At this year's Ozzfest, singer Randy Blythe repeatedly urged fans to vote Bush out of office.

Letting the reference to a supposed Marine being called a soldier go, this still pisses me off. If you have someone that's so upset with what's going on over there, give some info. Hell, God knows they would be protected by our watchdog media! My thought is that this drivel is just some made up quote. Use it to destroy Bush. I understand people trying to push him out of office. I just don't agree with them. But the part that upsets me most is making my Marine Corps look like crap. I don't like it one bit.

My brother -in-law and I were talking about going to see this band next month. As I've said, I love their music, and I love seeing them live. I'll still probably go, but I'm thinking I may have to get a special T-shirt just for the occassion. I may get my ass kicked!

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Technical Difficulties

Just in case any of you have tried to send me any e-mail at my personal address, I'm letting you know that my ISP's e-mail server is down. Has been for a couple of days now. So if you tried to send me something, please don't think I'm being rude. I'm just "technologically" blind.

Thank you.

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October 09, 2004

Word O The Weekend


Example:Without lamentation, wine would just be grape juice.

You can use it properly, or preferrably mutilate the poor little word. Doesn't even have to make sense, just make someone laugh!

Let's see what you've got!

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That Blogwear Thing

Farewell, Pride! Thank you, and damn you, Dave the bartender!

Harvey is hosting a Carnival of Pajamas. Entries should show you or a professional model wearing what you wear while blogging. My attire? Most times I wear my work clothes. But, there are times that I wear much less. Thanks to the power of beer, I am able to deliver a look into the "less clothing" instances.

Let's explore. Like Frank J., I wear boxers. Actually, I wear boxer briefs. I've tried to wear regular briefs, but they are a little too tight, and restrict blood flow. Most creative thinking needs blood flow. Hehehehe

Alright, now for the drunken idiot pic. Besides my work clothes, this is what I wear while blogging....


Go ahead, laugh! I may have been able to do better, but pictures and posing are not my cup of tea.

My apologies to those with burning eyes. Actually, I don't apologize. Harvey should be the one apologizing, so if you're in pain after viewing, talk with him!

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Let's Go Nuts!

Every year, about this time, there is a mass exodus of a certain type of large bird. Nope, not geese. Come daylight tomorrow (today now), you'll be hard pressed to find any turkeys about. I'm talking both domestic and wild. Sure, you may see some young jakes and hens, but a tom with a couple years under his belt will be in hiding.

What's the occasion? Tomorrow is the 26th Annual Turkey Testicle Festival, celebrated in Byron, Illinois. My other names for this event would include "The Byron Ball Bash", the 'nad Nosh, and Scrote Sizzle. Yeah, I've got other names for this emasculating event, but these give a great idea of what happens here.

Bikers and onlookers "flock" to Byron to drink, dance, and chomp on fried "jewels". I'm still thinking that this just originated from some drunken bet! I've only been to one of these things, but it was a "ball". May make it over there, but I won't be sampling any satchel stones. I'll just drink my beer, thank you!

So, do any of you have strange festivities in your areas?

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October 08, 2004

Word O The Day


Example: (think the year without a Santa Claus)

I'm mister Promisor,
I'm number one.
I'm not an amatuer,
the pro who gets things done.

I know, not the right pronunciation, but hey, it's my blog!

You can use it properly, or preferrably mutilate the poor little word. Doesn't even have to make sense, just make someone laugh!

Let's see what you've got!

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Lee Ann's having a comment party! Get your heinies over there right now!

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And Then He Voted

As you know, I'm not big into sharing political views. I just had to share this with you. Reminded me of a certain post from Harvey.

About two weeks ago, I run into the bar for lunch before heading to work. Got my food and Coke, and commence to shovelling when in walks a drinking friend of mine. The guy's a hippy, but that's not to be held against him. Yet. He's really a pretty good guy, just not someone I'd spend time with outside of the pub.

He sits down next to me, and we start chatting about the usual intellectually superior topics that always seem to come up. Today, it's voting. Mind you, I refuse to talk serious politics in the bar. Jokes are cool, but you try to debate with me about something like politics while I'm trying to relax and enjoy myself .... let's just say Joe's not happy!

Anyway, it starts out joking. TV over the bar is full of the "Bush failed in this respect," and "Kerry again has changed his stance on ...." bull dookie. I mumble about being sick of all this crap, and can't wait for the election to be over. "Roadkill Bill" says that he agrees. All the mud and accusations that are being tossed around make him sick.

So I start the joking with, "So how do you figure to choose the next President?"
Roadkill: "Not sure, but it would probably have to be decided by something that had nothing to do with the candidates."
Me: (liking where this could go) "So family or friends of the ..."
Roadkill: "Oh, yeah! Have you seen Bush's daughters? They are hot!"
Me: "Pretty hot, and I've heard they like to party!"
(start laughing)
Roadkill: "Of course, Kerry's got some pretty hot daughters, too!"
Me: "Not sure what their names are, but the older one is pretty nice. The other looks like a football player!"
Me: "I guess that wasn't too nice, but Bush definitely wins on the daughter factor!"
Roadkill: "Ok, I'll give you that."
(a few moments go by as we listen to the news. THK is mentioned)
Me: "Ok, you're going to have to give it to Bush on the wife factor, too! Laura doesn't look bad at all, while Ketchup Queen is flat out scary!"
Roadkill: (laughing) "Yeah, I've gotta go with that, too!"
(silence as I'm finishing my lunch)
Roadkill: "Saw something pretty cool the other day. Kerry had a picture taken with John Lennon. How cool is that?!"
Me: (just staring at him, trying to figure out if he's still joking) finally, "I don't know. Never cared for Lennon. Or Kerry for that matter."
Roadkill: "I just think that is cool. He's got my vote. Think of that, you've got a picture with John Lennon."
Me: (incredulous, and hoping he's joking)

Now, I fought back the urge to say something stupid. I wanted to say, "I think I have to vote for Bush because he's got big ears. Reminds me of a monkey, and monkeys make people laugh. How cool is that?" , but I knew this would probably get ugly. Not worth it to me. I just payed my tab, and left.

I don't care who you vote for (actually I do), as long as you know something about both candidates. This stupid "he's not Bush" and "Kerry is in a photo with Lennon" crap is just sad. Have a reason for your decision, a legitimate reason. This grade school voting is idiotic.

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October 07, 2004

Gotta Get a Faster Connection

Not going to be posting anything but this tonight. By the time I finished making my rounds, it's almost quarter to four. Got too much to do tomorrow. I've definitely got to get a faster connection than this dial up crap!

Oh, quick question: Is anyone else having problems posting comments over at _Jon's? I keep having my comments rejected because of questionable content. Even if it's just a couple of test words! Hmmmmm

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October 06, 2004

Word O the Day


Example: (nasal sounding voice giving directions) Ney live in da dird house masticate. It shoud be unlockt.

You can use it properly, or preferrably mutilate the poor little word. Doesn't even have to make sense, just make someone laugh!

Let's see what you've got!

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Soundtrack of My Life

Blogdad Grau asked us to list 15 songs as a soundtrack to our lives, and explain your choices.

It took a little bit of thought, but here they are, along with some really lame explanations. In no particular order, they are:

1. Tennessee Flat Top Box - Johnny Cash

One of those things that strongly remind me of my father.

2. Crazy Horses - The Osmonds
Stop laughing. Oh, okay, go ahead. I am! Seriously, I first heard this song at my cousin's place when I was really young. It was my first clue that there was music other than polka and country.

3. Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath
Picture a kid listening to a small transistor radio in the dark. He knows he's not supposed to be listening to rock music, but he kinda likes what he hears. A bell begins to ring on the radio, and goosebumps stand up on his arm. Scared to death, he can't shut the radio off, and he loves what he's hearing while almost shaking. I still love this song!

4. A Day In The Life - The Beatles
Overall, I do not like the Beatles. But I love this song. I had a clock radio, and had it set to wake to music. I was dreaming about angels singing, and when I woke up, this was the song playing. Loved it since.

5. Raining Blood - Slayer
I was in awe the first time I heard these guys. Music so fast, angry, and of course, cool. No one compared to these guys. Brings back some great concert memories too!

6. Dead Man's Party - Oingo Boingo

Just alot of good memories associated with these guys' music. Danny Elfman ... (Simpsons, Tales From the Crypt) great composer. Fun music.

7. Fast as a Shark - Accept
My brothers and I still sing the intro to this song. Starts as a polka, record gets needle dragged across it, and all hell breaks loose.

8. Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck - Prong
When you're feeling a little anger coming, this song is a great release.

9. Superstition - Stevie Ray Vaughan
This is the song that got me hooked on SRV. His music, and guitar playing have meant an awful lot to me.

10. Ira Hayes - Johnny Cash
Not only does this song remind me of my dad, but it was one of the songs that my platoon would sing quite often. About half of the platoon knew all of the lyrics at one point. Great memories of my Marine brothers.

11. We Die Young - Alice in Chains

More great concert memories. My nephew is named after the lead singer. Yeah, he was an addict, but he had an incredible talent.

12. White Noise - Corrosion of Conformity
I've always been a huge fan of these guys, but this song off of "Blind" got to me. Music is cool, of course, but there are some lyrics that caught me when I first listened to it. I'm not a lyric guy, just give me music, but I liked the words:

When they cracked the whip, nothing was said When the flames burned, nothing was said When they notched the barrels, nothing was said When the bays opened, nothing was said When the dogs were set loose, nothing was said When colors run red, nothing was said When innocents cried in the face of the guilty NO ONE SAID ANYTHING!

13. My Favorite Things - sung by Julie Andrews
I don't know. I really don't. I just like it.

14. God Blessed Texas - Little Texas
Another Marine memory. Probably the only time I've worn a cowboy hat (as an adult), and I was singing this song at the top of my lungs as my buddies and I were driving through College Station, Texas. I was a little tipsy, but I knew what I was doing. One of the best road trips I've ever been on.

15. People=Sh*t - Slipknot

Pissed off? Got the cure right here.

(bonus hidden track: Taps as played at a Marine funeral. You want to hear something so beautiful that it makes the hair on your arms stand up? This is it. I was on funeral detail in between schools, and there was this one bugler in particular that played Taps with so much sadness, it was creepy. I always had moisture gather at the corner of my eye when he played.)

These aren't necessarily my favorite songs, but they do mean alot to me. Yep, I know some are a little strange, but that would be called "balance."

Hope you enjoy.

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October 05, 2004

Word O The Day


Example: LXIX is one of Harvey's favorite Roman humerals.

You can use it properly, or preferrably mutilate the poor little word. Doesn't even have to make sense, just make someone laugh!

Let's see what you've got!

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It's About Time

Well, woke up this morning, and it was 52 o in the house. I'm thinking it's time to pull the air conditioners! I stubbornly refuse to turn the heat on until November, so I've gotta get the windows sealed up.

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Acronym Fun

Stole this from the lovely sarahk. It was good for a loud laugh!


Name / Username:

Name Acronym Generator
From Go-Quiz.com

Thanks, sarahk!

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October 03, 2004

Morbid Musings of a Three Year Old

My sister, who I lovingly refer to as "Poop," (ask her) sent me an e-mail about nephew #2.

Yo, Joe!
Today, more death questioning. There was the usual, "When are we going to die?", and others like that. But the best was his feelings about the whole experience.
"Mom, when are we going to die?"
"Honey, we all die when it's our turn. People die at all different ages, but usually it's when you are old, like grandpa and grandma ...... (Who are almost 96 & 91 the end of Oct.) And they are still fine, aren't they?"
"Mom, I don't want to ever die. I want to live forever! I HAVE to live forever, 'cuz I've got lots of sugar to eat!!!!" Hee,Hee!

Some priority, huh? :)
Thought you'd like it...
Love, "Poop" (censored by me)

What can you say about that? Little guy busts me up!

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Because I Have To Know

Stopped into the pub last night, and had some very intellectual conversation. Somehow, we got onto the subject of vomiting(hurling, yakking, evicting lunch, stomachus eruptus, vomitosis....) and wretching. I don't know how this subject comes up (hahaha), but it's always one of my favorites.

Someone mentioned something about coughing up a bad hairball. So of course, this gets me to wondering: what exactly is a "bad" hairball? So I ask. Blank looks. And a couple smirks (they know my mind kicked over a gear).

Do the bad hairballs lose their distinctive "ball" shape on contact with the floor? Is there a defect in the manufacturing of said hairball? (There were some other observations, but I've lost them)

Usually, important questions like these will spark some lively discussion, but not last night. At least not until I asked if "bad" hairballs run around with little knives, threatening all of the good hairballs, and stealing their hairball possessions. Bad hairballs are the ones who sell tiny little baggies of "stuff" to young hairballs. Believe it or not, I got a record amount of eyerolls. But nobody could tell me:

What is a bad hairball?

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October 01, 2004

Update on Barry

Well, unless something changed, Barry should be out of the hospital. However, he won't be going home for a bit. He's got some rehabilitation to do.

I stopped up to see him on Wednesday, and he seems to be doing ok. When I got the directions to his room (they had moved him... good sign), I thought that it was at the far end of the hall, so I didn't even try to read room numbers. As I walked past the first room, I heard someone say, "There's Joe!" I turned around, and saw that I had walked past his room. I'm thinking that one of his visitors saw me. No, it was Barry. He was sitting on the edge of his bed, talking to his dad. He got a bit of a smile on his face when I walked in, which disappeared almost immediately as his therapist walked in right behind me.

While she started working with him, I visited with his dad. He told me about Barry getting out, but not being able to go home. Too many things that need work. The brain damage he's suffered will be something that won't be permanent. He does well remembering people and their names, but at times, he gets very confused. He won't know where he is, why he's there ... things like that. While he remembers names of people, he confuses personal details. I don't know how long this rehab is going to take, but I hope it's not too long. He just wants to get home.

While I'm watching the therapist work with him, I begin to get pissed. He's going to be alright, yeah. But he can't hardly close his fists without being in agony. He was supposed to try closing his hands 20 times. By 15, he was taking breaks. Then he had to lift his arms, one at a time. Of course, that couldn't be done without help. I'm watching his face contort in pain, and thinking that I would love to be able to inflict that suffering and so much more on the little jackass who did this to him. I know of a large group of people that think the same way, two being my brothers. Barry is one of my youngest brother's closest friends.

Speaking of the little punk; from what I understand, and we all know how secondhand info can be, the cops know who he is. They just haven't caught him. His mother got thrown into jail for obstruction. She may still be there, though I doubt it.

I know it's a motherly instinct to protect your hatchling, but when something like this happens? How can you protect someone who almost kills a person?! I think that gene pool needs to be drained.

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Word O the Day


Taken from a Primus song, Mr. Knowitall, this word can be used in a sentence, or give me a word that rhymes with it.

Where it's taken from in the song:

They call me Mr. Knowitall, I am so eloquent. Perfection is my middle name, and whatever rhymes with eloquent.

Let's see what you've got!

(This post was inspired by the following one. And the number "8.")

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Not Again!?

Hello all you boys and girls,
I'd like to take you to the inside world.
It's quite an irregular place to be,
but never fear, you're safe with me.

Well, maybe.

"Frizzle Fry, Primus"

I have to wonder if Claypool ever met "the family."

I've been pretty busy, so I didn't get to see what was going on until tonight. The family hosted another comment party whilst I was about. Nice! Bou and Tammi got things rolling. I didn't even know that I owned a cactus, but Harvey managed to find it! Had most of the family stop in to contribute; _Jon,Johnny-Oh , Sally, and "Bug" all showed. Contagion, Ogre, and even Susie made appearances, also. Susie... why is it that she never comes while I'm around? Oops. That sounded wrong, and very bad for me! Hehe.

Anyway, it hasn't been a good week for me, but this helped to cheer me up some. Thanks to all of you for "coming."

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