July 20, 2004

Too Late

Today wasn't a good day for me blog-wise.  I was once again stuck doing the "hit and run" blogging/commenting.  Unfortunately, the ideas for posts that I had, had already been covered.

  Grau and Tammi got right on Arnold calling the dems of California "girly men" with Grau's"Listen to me now, and hear me next week ... and Road Warrior's "Oh, for cryin' out loud".  I had cracked up when I read about that, and had a few thoughts, but they both took care of that for me.  I don't mind one bit. 

My other idea that I came up with wasn't really that great, but I thought a few people might be interested.  I was at Kline's Club 88 in Beloit, Wi.  Saturday night, and they had a beer on tap that I really liked.  I thought, "hey, maybe I'll let people know about some of the different beers I try, and bands/albums I listen to each week."  Well, Little Joe had beat me to it, with his entry about Slipknot.  Seriously, on one hand, I thought it was great that he did that, on the other, I was a little bummed.  Oh, well, there's still the beer!

This beer isn't some micro brewery treat, but this is the first time I've found it on tap in this area.  Warsteiner Dunkel is a damn good beer.  I usually drink dark beers, so it's no suprise that I would like this.  However, for being a dark beer, you can drink quite a bit without getting that "I'm going to explode if I have one more" feeling.  Believe me, I put a serious dent in the world's overstock that night.  But there is still so much more work to do!  I shall try my best to rid the world of these beverages, one at a time!

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