October 01, 2004

Not Again!?

Hello all you boys and girls,
I'd like to take you to the inside world.
It's quite an irregular place to be,
but never fear, you're safe with me.

Well, maybe.

"Frizzle Fry, Primus"

I have to wonder if Claypool ever met "the family."

I've been pretty busy, so I didn't get to see what was going on until tonight. The family hosted another comment party whilst I was about. Nice! Bou and Tammi got things rolling. I didn't even know that I owned a cactus, but Harvey managed to find it! Had most of the family stop in to contribute; _Jon,Johnny-Oh , Sally, and "Bug" all showed. Contagion, Ogre, and even Susie made appearances, also. Susie... why is it that she never comes while I'm around? Oops. That sounded wrong, and very bad for me! Hehe.

Anyway, it hasn't been a good week for me, but this helped to cheer me up some. Thanks to all of you for "coming."

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