October 14, 2004

And I thought I was being nice!

Someone called me a psycho today on my answering machine. I don't quite get it. Some very nice person has been calling while I'm trying to sleep, and then hanging up. It's definitely a person, because you can hear the background noise before the lovely click sounds. So I've changed my message, even though I know it's not going to stop anything. But it will give me a little satisfaction, as it has already!

New message: (in an overly friendly tone)
Hi, this is Joe. If you are Mr. or Ms. Hangup, please allow me to bestow my blessings upon you.
May you be blessed with a large number of simultaneously broken bones.
May you be blessed with the loathing of your children, and your children's children.
And may you be blessed with the opportunity to rot in Hell.

Anyone else, please leave a message!

I tried so hard to sound like a nice guy, and then someone calls me psycho! It really hurt!! :)

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