October 03, 2004

Morbid Musings of a Three Year Old

My sister, who I lovingly refer to as "Poop," (ask her) sent me an e-mail about nephew #2.

Yo, Joe!
Today, more death questioning. There was the usual, "When are we going to die?", and others like that. But the best was his feelings about the whole experience.
"Mom, when are we going to die?"
"Honey, we all die when it's our turn. People die at all different ages, but usually it's when you are old, like grandpa and grandma ...... (Who are almost 96 & 91 the end of Oct.) And they are still fine, aren't they?"
"Mom, I don't want to ever die. I want to live forever! I HAVE to live forever, 'cuz I've got lots of sugar to eat!!!!" Hee,Hee!

Some priority, huh? :)
Thought you'd like it...
Love, "Poop" (censored by me)

What can you say about that? Little guy busts me up!

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