October 09, 2004

That Blogwear Thing

Farewell, Pride! Thank you, and damn you, Dave the bartender!

Harvey is hosting a Carnival of Pajamas. Entries should show you or a professional model wearing what you wear while blogging. My attire? Most times I wear my work clothes. But, there are times that I wear much less. Thanks to the power of beer, I am able to deliver a look into the "less clothing" instances.

Let's explore. Like Frank J., I wear boxers. Actually, I wear boxer briefs. I've tried to wear regular briefs, but they are a little too tight, and restrict blood flow. Most creative thinking needs blood flow. Hehehehe

Alright, now for the drunken idiot pic. Besides my work clothes, this is what I wear while blogging....


Go ahead, laugh! I may have been able to do better, but pictures and posing are not my cup of tea.

My apologies to those with burning eyes. Actually, I don't apologize. Harvey should be the one apologizing, so if you're in pain after viewing, talk with him!

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