October 25, 2004

Blog Rolling

Harvey asked us awhile back, "Who do you desperately want to be blogrolled by?"

I thought for awhile about this, and I came up with this: Those that have already blogrolled me are enough for me. Oh, sure, I'd be flattered if some big name had me on their list. No doubt about it! I'm just not really seeking that.

I started out doing this because Mr. Olson and Grau gave me a guiding push. (Actually, Harvey was more like being hit with a truck! "Do ya have a blog? You should have a blog! ...." Anyone who is a member of the Bad Example Family knows how this is! :)) They both thought that I had some good things to say, and as I started thinking about it, I really liked the idea. I just wanted a site that gave a person the feeling of sitting down in a pub or a cafe, and just visiting with people. Funny topics, strange topics, light politics ... small talk. It was a cool feeling to see this thing come to life.

After I started, it was a bit before I started noticing my blog being listed at others' sites. That was cool. I'm not too into the attention, although I will say sometimes it does feel pretty good! Just like having someone link you. Great feeling!

Anyway, I have to say that a couple of those that have blogrolled me have been pleasant suprises. I enjoy going over to sarahk's. Funny stuff, and along the lines of my type of posting. Plus, she's a cutie! :) I don't know how long I was going over there before I noticed that I was on her blogroll. I was kinda suprised, but, damn, that felt good!

Then there's Eric. I started reading him after a comment party over at Madfish's. (Seriously, I think comment parties are a good thing. You can meet some cool people at them. Bloodspite and Eric just are just a couple. Plus, you get to see how the minds of your fellow bloggers work!) Eric is a former Marine, so that makes him a brother, but his blog is cool reading even without that fact. Anyway, I never knew that I had a spot on his list of links, until one day I'm over there reading, and I happened to see "beerbrains." I thought, "That's a cool name," and started to click on it to check it out. As I passed the mouse over it, I saw that it was me. Bright guy that I am, I had forgotten that was part of my url. Duh! Anyway, once again, good feeling.

And my latest find, was Yorkshire Snowman. Paul's a bit infatuated with snow. No problem with that, as I like it, too. Anyway, I had noticed that I kept getting referrals from his site, sometimes four a day. I figured that there was no way that it was from the "Next Blog" feature on Blogspot. So I gave him a visit. Sure enough, there I was, under his "Other Tasty Morsels" list. I had never read him, and I have no idea how he discovered my blog. It was a very cool thing! I'm glad that I checked it out, as I now visit his site daily. I've not commented often, but I enjoy the hell out of his webcam shots of snow from all over.

Of course, the "family" .... we're all on each other's lists, but it's not just because of the family ties. These are some really great blogs, and it's great to be on their list of blogs.

Well, now. This was pretty much an "I'm still alive" post when I started. Sorry to have rambled. To the others that have blogrolled me, I haven't slighted you. I just thought of these three immediately after reading Harvey's post. I appreciate all of you who have blogrolled me, and those who visit me. This next beer's to all of you ... Cheers!

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