October 09, 2004

Let's Go Nuts!

Every year, about this time, there is a mass exodus of a certain type of large bird. Nope, not geese. Come daylight tomorrow (today now), you'll be hard pressed to find any turkeys about. I'm talking both domestic and wild. Sure, you may see some young jakes and hens, but a tom with a couple years under his belt will be in hiding.

What's the occasion? Tomorrow is the 26th Annual Turkey Testicle Festival, celebrated in Byron, Illinois. My other names for this event would include "The Byron Ball Bash", the 'nad Nosh, and Scrote Sizzle. Yeah, I've got other names for this emasculating event, but these give a great idea of what happens here.

Bikers and onlookers "flock" to Byron to drink, dance, and chomp on fried "jewels". I'm still thinking that this just originated from some drunken bet! I've only been to one of these things, but it was a "ball". May make it over there, but I won't be sampling any satchel stones. I'll just drink my beer, thank you!

So, do any of you have strange festivities in your areas?

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