August 11, 2004


Being off work, relaxing, riding the bike through the mountains... it doesn't get much better than that! Most times riding, I reflect on my life, and things I do, things I could/should change, things I really don't care about. This being a long trip, I had plenty of time to realize a few things about myself.

While on vacation, I realized that:

1. Any time I doubt the existence of a greater power, I need to be cracked a good one. Riding through the mountains of Colorado, hell, anywhere on this earth, you see so many changes in terrain, it's just incredible. The Rockies go from grass covered hills, to hot, sandy high desert. There and in between, beautiful. It gives me chills just remembering how it all looked. Scenery so awesome cannot just happen without some assistance.

2. There are some damn good people out there, to offset the strange ones. My cousin and brother were the politicians of the trio. They can talk to anyone, and they about talked to everyone. We met some really great people, and a couple of really strange ones. One guy started out normal, very friendly, making sure that everything was ok when we were stopped. Starts asking about different motorcycle "clubs", then tells us he was in one before he got sent to prison. Ok, not normal, but not too strange. Then he goes on this tirade about how we (white people) should be killing everyone not like "us." There's the strange!! While we were looking worriedly at him, he asks if we have a place to stay, 'cuz "I hate to see boys like me stuck outside sleepin'." Thankfully, the good far outweighed the weird!

3. I'm not just single because I can run fast ... I AM AN IDIOT! I've never been good at reading women, especially when it comes to them being interested in me. If a woman's hitting on someone I'm with, I know what's going on, and if they can't see it, I'll tell them. But I can be such a moron. We were at Dinosaur National Monument, at the quarry gift shop, and I picked up a couple of things for my nephews. The cashier was a pretty nice looking woman (actually, hot works better), maybe 30, and she gives me this big smile when I walk up. I tell her who I'm getting the items for, and we visit for a bit. After she tells me the total price, I start to hand her cash, stop, and ask,"Will you take credit cards?" She gives me this huge grin, and says, "I'll take almost anything you're willing to give me!" So I hand her my card. Thirty miles away, I realize what she said!! No wonder she looked suprised when I didn't say anything "clever" back! I'm sure that I will be hearing about that for a loooong time! All my brother could do was shake his head and laugh!

4. I have the potential to be a far greater a**hole than I ever dreamed possible! Not that I'm proud of it, mind you. Maybe a bit. But anyway, the first couple of days, I was biting my tongue quite a bit. My brother, or most times my cousin, would have an idea of what we should do, and if I thought different and said so, it was usually 2-1, their favor. These weren't bad ideas; for instance, they wanted to stop and eat, I wanted to keep going knowing that a certain Harley dealer was only 50/60 minutes away. I had been there before, and knew exactly where it was at. My brother had really wanted to stop at this place as it's a John Deere/Harley dealer. Ernie Williams in Algona, Iowa. Anyway, the vote was to eat, and it was damn good. However, we were there for well over an hour before we left for the Harley shop in Mason City, IA. By the time we hit Algona, the shop had been closed for 40 minutes. I was a good little boy, and didn't say "See I told you," although I really wanted to. But I stayed cool and realized that....

5. I need to deal with people more often. I know that what frustrates me, is that, due to the fact I've been on my own so long, I am used to doing things my way, and my way alone. And that's not always right. Most times yes, but not always. Once I caught myself doing that, I was able to relax and enjoy myself a lot better. (Especially because I knew that I was right! :) )

6. I really am a rock when it comes to taking a hint!Again, another story of ignorance. I'll keep this one short because it shames me. Drank many shots with a bartender at the bar we decided to frequent while staying out there. She hangs out visiting with my host and me for quite some time. She seemed a little bummed when I insisted that we better get going; had to leave for home in the morning. Payed my bill. As I go over my receipts the next morning, I realize, she was buying all the shots! I should have known that I was being a rock when my host just kept laughing all the way home! He even made a comment about how she seemed to like "you." I thought it was a collective "you" (the three of us) that he was talking about. Definitely not the smartest peanut in the turd am I.

7. I sit at the computer much too often. Man, I was jonesing to get online the whole time we were gone! Ok, not the whole time, but every day when I got up, or was about to hit the hay (especially when a tad bit tipsy).

8. I really am starting to think of everyone that is in my blog family, and a few others, as family. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or what. :) It's one of those things you start looking forward to when you get home. "I wonder what they have to say," or, "I wonder what comments were made to my post." It's kinda like sittin' down and visiting with friends. I will say, I missed being out of the loop for the week. " Aaaaaaawwww, him missed us!"

Yeah, there were a few other realizations, but they were just little things here and there. Hell, if I started in on all that rot, this post would be nine days long!!!

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