August 11, 2004

Going A Little Too Far

Yes, I'm still going to tell about the trip, but that will have to be later. Being the great time management expert that I am, I'm running a little short. I got a little carried away with some of my realizations!

Ok, I asked, "What would you do to keep your grown child from marrying someone who you deem unfit?" Thanks to all for the welcome back, and the answers you gave in response. Most were along the same lines, which would be right along with what my thoughts were. Except Harvey, who gave an answer that was more along the lines of what I was hoping for. He suggested cutting the child out of my will.
Contagion did give options:you can either disown the child and write them off or just accept they are going to get married to someone not worthy of carrying the spawn that will spread on your legacy.
I like the way it sounds so mean either way.

To get to why I asked that question in the first place. We stopped on the Nebraska/Iowa line on our first night out. We were kinda hungry, and definitely in the mood to decimate the beer population of the area, so we head into downtown Sioux City. We had no idea where we were going, so we just stopped at the first hole in the wall that we saw. We were eating when in walks a group of women laughing and having a good old time. One was wearing a veil.

After a bit, in walk another couple of women, these a little older. One stops and starts visiting with my brother. This woman was the mother of veil girl. She starts telling my brother all about her (mom's) dilemma. Veil girl is going to be married at the end of this month, and MOVG (mom of veil girl) hates, no, HATES, veil girl's betrothed. She let's us know all about her reasons for hating this guy, and he does sound like a real loser, but I'm not going into all that. The whole time, veil girl is listening, and not arguing, so we start thinking MOVG is talking straight. MOVG definitely loved her daughter, and she was worried sick about what was going to happen.

After talking with my brother for about an hour, MOVG decides that we are a bunch of "real men." I'm still not sure how this was established. She figures that if her daughter got to know that there are better men out there, she would drop LOSER. MOVG tries to convince Bro to take veil girl out for a ride. "You guys take her back to your hotel. Show her what real men can be like." All three of us were laughing our asses off! Then, after she started to get a little pissed at us, we realized she was serious. That was more than a little disturbing! Bro and Cousin let her know, they can't and won't do that... they've got significant others. Not to mention morals. Then MOVG comes over to me, and of course I said.... no. I can't play that. So then she says, "well just drop her off at your hotel, so she has to call him. If he catches her out like that, she's going to be in big trouble with him, and she'll get scared and leave him." How messed up. Possibly put your "beloved little girl" into harm's way just to make you happy? We almost ran out of there! Pimping out your daughter: I'd say that has to take the cake.

This was a topic that was brought up quite often while we were out west. And no, not one bit of this is any kind of an evil lie. It. is. sad. but. true.

Even while we were talking with MOVG, I was thinking that this would make a great post. And it was one of the things I kept seriously thinking about while riding around.

Hope that's not too weird for ya. I'm off to sleepyland.

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