August 09, 2004

Enough Already!

Ok, I'm back, so the debauchery may come to an end. Geez, you people. The place is a wreck, what with all the chocolate, caramel, Redi-whip, and marshmallow fluff all over. Mmmmmmmmmmm....

Oh, anyway, I see you've found my "collections."(Judging from the way they are posed, I'd venture to guess that either Harvey or Grau is responsible. Had to be Harvey. Grau may cram limbs into orifices that previously didn't exist, but these limbs are still attached.) Thank goodness you guys didn't find the "Care Bear" and "Tele-Tubbies" stash! Doh!!! Anyway, thanks for leaving me a beer. Although, since it was under a chair, it may be safe to assume you didn't know you left me one!

Another cool thing was all these bras left here! I'm going to add them to my collection. Ok, ok, I'll start a collection! Was one of these Sarahk's? (GrooOOwwlll)

Well, I'm out of time, so I'll tell you about the trip later. A final question, and when I tell about the trip, you'll know why I ask: What would you do to keep your grown child from marrying someone who you deem unfit?

BTW, I literally laughed out loud reading the comments! Thanks!

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