August 19, 2004

Just a quick note

Just a quick note to let you know that I'm going to post my vacation probably Friday or Saturday. I was waiting until I had some pictures developed, but screw it... I'm notorious for canisters of film laying around undeveloped. I've still got pictures from my trip to England that

"Er... 'scuse me, but did you say you were in London?"

Me: "Oh, great. Instason. Actually, I said that I was in England, although I did wander around in L...."

Instason: "Did you get to see the Queen?"

Me: "NO! Why the hell would you thi..."

Instason: "Alex did. He even went to the pub and sang karaoke with her."

Me: "You idiot, he was being sarca..."

Instason: "Did you get invited for dinner? Being an American and all, I bet she invited you over for dinner!"

Me: "No, she didn't invite me o......"

Instason: "Oh, you're one of the drunken twins. I bet she took you to the pub?!"

Me: (thoroughly fed up with the questions and interruptions) "Just shut up for ONE second will ya?! Make that SIXTY seconds!"

Instason: (pouting) "Hmmpphhh!"

Me: (in an effort to get all I have to say out before the Inquisition starts anew)"No I never saw the queen we didn't go to the pub I didn't go there for dinner I didn't even stay in London for more than 5 hours I stayed in North Yorkshire in Egton Bridge and why the hell are you here in the first place?!"

Instason: (still pouting) "You sure talk alot!"

Me: "Just answer my question."

Instason: "Well, we often come around to watch you or your twin blog while drunk! It's funny!"

Me: (looking around) "Don't tell me that ....."

Evil Glenn: (enters through open window)"Indeed! I am here, you miserable sot!" (looks around) What a pig sty! I like it!!"

Me: "What the hell is up with you and your "mini-puppy blender" interrupting people?"

EG: "Just calm down, oh, drunken one! Where is your twin?"

Me:"Criminy! I told you before, idiot,..."

EG: "Lawyer!!" Me: "You interrupted again!!!"

EG: "Sorry, carry on."

Me:"As I started to ...."EG: "I was merely correcting your mistake. "

Me: "I heard that mumbling! (hurrying once again) I told you before you idiot yes I know lawyer that there is only one of me not the two that you saw after being smashed in the head with a jar and what the hell are you doing here harassing me when I'm not even an official member of the Alliance?! Yet!"

EG:(smiling) "Oh, try as you may, you'll not convince me that your twin does not exist. I saw you two standing together!! As for not being a member of the Alliance, I have my doubts about that. If not a member, why do you spend so much time with them, hmmmmmm?"

Me: "I spend alot of time with them because they are funny as hell... sometimes even Harvey! And, I'm not yet a member because I don't feel that I have as much talent as the others. Once I feel that I can hang with them and their assignments, I'll see about joining. Until then, leave me alone!"

EG: (sulking) "What a crabby pants! Haven't you heard that if you try hard enough, the Alliance will come to you?"

Me: "Say what?"

EG:(sounding very exasperated) "If you go at it hard enough, they will come!"

(uncontrollable snickering from myself and Instason)

EG: "What's so funny?"

Me: (composing myself) " at all. Really. (Instason begins to loudly snort) Why did you say you were here?"

EG: "I said something funny, didn't I? (Instason is now rolling on the floor, screaming in laughgony) I never say anything funny. If I made a funny, I should like to know what it is!!! INDEED!"

Me: "No funny, and still no reason for being here, besides you like to cartoon off of drunks trying to type."

EG: "Well, the reason that I'm here is ....(looking at Instason, who is now hyperventilating) are you sure I didn't make a funny?"

Me: "Get on with it ... and I'll even add a please."

EG: "Very well, I simply wanted to thank you."

Me: (stunned)"For what?"

EG: "The pickled herring idea."

Me: "Whaa?"

EG: "You remember when _Jon mentioned peanut butter in his post after coming home? (shrieks from Instason) I'd swear I made a joke!"

Me: "Yes, I remember. Why?"

EG: "Well, once I got home from the theatre, I had a ball. The penguins love it! A few strategically placed dabs of herring, and...."

Me: "OK! Enough. Picture painted! No need to carry on! Damn, you're a freak. Yes,"(both)"lawyer.""You know, I'm thinking that you've been here long enough. I just wanted to drop a quick note to my blog family, and now you've made me kill all my time. Hell, I could have posted about my vacation during all this!"

EG: "Aha, could have, but didn't!"

Me: (remembering) "You know .... my twin should be back real soon. And he's not nearly as sociable as I am. I suggest you get out of here while the getting is good."

EG: (smiling) "I knew you were lying about your twin. I know everything. That's why so many people come to me!" (more maniacal laughing from Instason, who is now growing hoarse)

Me: "Better take the youngster and leave, before he croaks on you."

EG: "Good idea, inebriated one. Come, young Bucky! (shrill laughter once again) I swear I made some kind of joke!"

Me: "Perhaps, but why call him Bucky? Seems a bit harsh."

EG: (aside) "Haven't you seen those teeth? Well, we're off, but we'll be keeping track of you two!"

Thank God they're gone! I've got to stop drinking, or at least get extended entry! Hope this is as funny tomorrow as it was to me tonight!

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