August 17, 2004

This Weeks Fave's 8/15

Blog Bro _Jon, of We Swear, mentioned Johnny Cash in his "Mortality Thought ... (and rambling)" post. He mentioned the song "Hurt" and it's been stuck in my head since. I've had to pull out the album (sorry, CD) to satisfy my need to hear this song. I've listened to it many times this week.

The album is "American IV: The Man Comes Around," and to me, it kicks ass. There are a couple of songs that I didn't think fit quite right. "Bridge Over Troubled Water," and "First Time Ever I Saw Your Face," are prime examples, but for the most part, I love this album! Johnny Cash was one of those artists that could make you feel like you were right there with him, feeling his feelings as he sang about them. On "The Man Comes Around," it's vintage Cash. His last albums were full of cover songs, which he did rather well, (for the most part) making them his own. But I still have to say, the songs that he wrote are better than most of his covers. Unfortunately, there only 3 of his own on this disc; The Man Comes Around, Give My Love To Rose, and Tear Stained Letter.

Favorite tunes would be;

The Man Comes Around: I don't know exactly why this song appeals so much to me, it just does. Well written, and the piano in this, while no technical masterpiece, adds so much depth to the song. Gave me goosebumps the first time that I heard it, and still does.

Hurt: This is a cover of a NIN (nine inch nails) song. Powerful. I haven't seen the video for this song, yet, but I've heard that the video is even more so. I may have to pass; my vision gets water in the way just hearing the song. From what I understand, Trent Reznor, the writer of the song, was moved to tears after viewing the video.

We'll Meet Again: This song just creeps me out, but in a good way! :/ It seems like he knew that this would be the last album he did. He's got friends and family singing the chorus; just cool to me.

If I went into why Johnny Cash meant so much to me, I'd have to do a post on that alone. It would take some time!

Other cd of the week: King Of The Road by Fu-Manchu. Click on album title for a review. It's damn close to what I started writing! Makes you want to go out driving ... fast.

Finished with Song of Susannah by Stephen King. Great book, but damn, I hate this waiting crap! I won't spoil it for you, but it just seems to stop too soon. Can't wait for Part VII.

I was going to start reading a Louis L'Amour story, but, inspired by a rancid refrigerator at work, I'm going to read The Long Dark Tea Time of The Soul by Douglas Adams. The refrigerator bit comes from a fridge in the story that "no longer merely stood there in the corner of the kitchen, it actually lurked." I don't know if you've read Adams much, if at all(though I know Johnny-Oh has: he's got a misquote from Adams as his tagline!), but he is hilarious. One of my favorites!

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