August 25, 2004

A Wee Bit Grumpy

Does it ever bother you when you say "Hi" to someone, and they just look at you? No response, except a blank, idiotic stare? Maybe I'm overly sensitive, but it just pisses me off. Always has. I'm not one to go out of my way to speak to people who aren't my friends, but sometimes it's the polite thing to do. But, when you get "the stare," you feel as if you just exerted yourself for nothing.

There was a guy that I used to work with many moons ago who did this to me. The thing was, before I went in the Marines, I used to stop by his machine and visit a couple times a week. After I got home, he had gotten a day opening (I was still nights), so I used to see him everyday as I came in. He would usually be coming down the stairs as I was going up. I would say, "Hey, D... , what's up?" The stare. Next day, "Hey, D... how's it going?" The stare. Following day, "Hi, D...!" The effing stare. I did this for four days. After the fourth time, I was livid! I told my brother, who I worked with, "Tomorrow, instead of saying 'hi,' I'm just going to tell him what to do to himself. It's stupid trying to be nice just because I used to visit with him." So the following day, going up the stairs, he's coming down. I'm almost laughing to myself imagining the look on his face when I tell him off. (This is going to be great, here he is, snicker)
"Hi, Joe,"he says.
It was my turn to do "the stare!" Talk about feeling like the wind had been knocked out of me!!!

All of this post, it's because someone gave me "the stare." Am I being a little overly sensitive?

Well, off to the circus.

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