August 24, 2004

This Week's Faves 8/22

Ummm, this weeks mix is going to seem a little strange. If you remember, though, I have a huge range in the music that I appreciate.

Probably the most listened to tunes would be Freddy King and Slayer. The Slayer comes from seeing Ozzfest on the 14th. Always have been a huge Slayer fan, and, while the rest of the bands were good (only one actually sucked), they were the highlight of the show. At least to me. I already know that I'll probably be hearing about how it was really Judas Priest that ruled the show. They were good, I'll admit. Maybe even great, but not compared to Slayer!

Freddy King was brought about because of Johnny-Oh and Eric, and the tunes they played: Johnny-Oh's and Eric's. Some of the comments were comparing J0hnny-Oh's voice to Clapton. Well, of course that starts the old gears to grinding in my head, so I start thinking of Clapton's "From the Cradle." One of my favorites on that album is "I'm Tore Down," written by Sonny Thompson. Thompson was Freddy King's piano player. (Yeah, it took a bit, but it's all connected now!)

I only own one of King's albums; "Hide Away; The Best of Freddy King." This cd is excellent. King was a great influence of Stevie Ray and Jimmie Vaughn, not to mention Clapton. If you had never heard King before, and had only heard these guys, as soon as the disc gets started, you can hear where they got some of their style from. Another favorite of mine is "In the Open." On Stevie Ray's "In the Beginning," "In the Open" is the opening song. Love it.

Reading wise, it's been a busy week. Haven't gotten very far into "Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul," but I have just finished one of my favorite parts in the story. Dirk Gently, the hero of the story, is at the scene of a "smart-alec show-off suicide:" the victim's body is sitting in a chair, looking very relaxed with it's legs crossed even. The head is on the record player across the room! Anyway, Dirk looks around the house, and hears a television going in the attic. Peering into the room, he can see a boy watching Bugs Bunny. He tries talking to the boy, but no response. Realizes the boy is the son of the deceased smart alec, so he tries to explain what has happened, still no response. Stands in front of the kid: he just looks around him. The fun begins when Dirk unplugs the TV, and promptly get his nose busted! Just the description of what happens, and then Dirk trying to talk to the cops makes me laugh out loud every time I read it!

Should finish it sometime this week, and then I'll get started on the new Sandford novel. Can't wait!

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