August 26, 2004

A Bit Of Torment

You know what they say about paybacks, right? Well, for some unkown reason (right) one of my co-workers today did an evil, evil thing. I'm working at my machine, and he walks past. As he gets about even with me, he whips his head toward me, and says, "We can go where we want to," and keeps walking. Almost immediately, I think of a very wretched song, but I quell that soon enough. A couple minutes later, he comes back. This time he stops. Smirks at me, and says, "It's the Safety Dance!" Gah!!!! Earworm!!!! I couldn't get it out, but just to make sure, he comes by again, and starts quoting the lyrics. Not one bit of singing, but the damage was the same. 9 hours at work, and now 2 at home. 11 hours in hell. Thank you! Jerk!

Oh, I didn't make any of you think of that song did I? (snicker) Go ahead, click on the link. You know you want to!

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