October 18, 2007


Check this out...

I've shrunk. And I've got breastages. And painted toenails. I can deal.

But sandals? C'mon, Erica... that's taking it a bit too far!

Posted by That 1 Guy at October 18, 2007 07:33 AM | TrackBack

I figured, since you're in Kalifornistan, I wanted it to look authentic.


Miss ya, sweetie. Sigh. Next year, maybe?

Posted by: Erica at October 18, 2007 09:29 AM

At least you have a nice pedicure! :) You have been waxing philosophically about sandals recently - now you know how it's going to look!

Well, sort of... ;^)

Posted by: Richmond at October 18, 2007 09:58 AM

I still can't believe you have boobs!

Posted by: oddybobo at October 18, 2007 03:14 PM

HaHa nice!!

Posted by: niki at October 18, 2007 05:19 PM

Hey no fair, I wanna see. (linkie no workie - at least not for me)

Posted by: carmen at October 19, 2007 07:09 AM

I wanna see your boobs. Are they real?

Posted by: Dash at October 19, 2007 03:10 PM

T1G, who is he asking -- you or me? I ain't showing mine, and you can't cop a feel, either, because Christina would freaking hose my ass. No. Friggin'. Way.

Posted by: Erica at October 20, 2007 03:35 PM