October 18, 2007


I'm thinking I need one of these for the drive to work.

Posted by That 1 Guy at October 18, 2007 07:28 AM | TrackBack

It would probably keep up with traffic, the way it moves in California. And it would take up 2-3 lanes of traffic (depending on what size head you have on it, thus allowing for double or triple the piss off of others.

Major drawback=$300,000 price tag.

Posted by: Petey at October 18, 2007 08:47 AM

You can take the Guy outta the midwest, but you'll never REALLY take the midwest outta the Guy.

Posted by: Tammi at October 18, 2007 09:21 AM

Holy shit!

Posted by: Richmond at October 18, 2007 10:01 AM

that's twisted...I love it!

Posted by: niki at October 18, 2007 05:21 PM

Ha ha! That's great! I'm stealing it.

Posted by: Jerry at October 18, 2007 09:35 PM

I wonder if I can turn my brother's combine into one of those, and use it to help me deal with my road rage issues????

Posted by: Tina at October 19, 2007 08:53 AM

*chokes* AAAhahaHAAHaAhAhaaaaa!!1
Okay I'm stealing that too. My inlaws have to see it.

Is that a real movie, btw? I gotta see it if it is.

Posted by: Mink at October 19, 2007 01:42 PM

I thought I was wacked...


Posted by: RedNeck at October 19, 2007 09:53 PM

Give a holler if'n you want a discount, dude.

Posted by: zonker at October 20, 2007 08:37 AM