July 19, 2007

Bot What?

I ran across something, just before Ogfest, that I just needed to post... had to do it, because it reminded me of something that you'd see posted by the P.T. Barnum of the Internet, the Grady Stiles of the Blogosphere... the Velociman of the Velociworld. Just seemed to be velociworthy. However, I didn't do it, being the busy bastard that I am. I did save it, though...

Yesterday, I noticed that Leslie had a post up about something that squicked her out... essentially, the same thing I'd seen, but there was no video included. "Ah," says I. "This I can provide!"

Uh... if you've just eaten or have a weak stomach, you may not want to watch. (I linked a different removal... the other no longer works.)

Granted, this isn't from the head, as this clip is.

Kinda cool. You can carry your lunch around with you... just use tweezers or petroleum jelly to extract from the handy dandy packaging.

Posted by That 1 Guy at July 19, 2007 11:23 AM | TrackBack

I usually don't get grossed out by much.......ISH ISH ISH. That was farking sick dude. Both links. ISH. *shudder*

Posted by: Sarah at July 19, 2007 11:48 AM

As Yabu would say, "That shit just ain't right." Eeewwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Omnibus Driver at July 19, 2007 12:48 PM

This actually happened to a co-worker of mine while she was down in Costa Rica. When she returned she had a sore spot on her arm that wouldn't heal. She went to a dermatologist and he removed a maggot from her arm. She still gets squicked out, if you bring it up.

This co-worker was the one who first showed me this video. Bleeechh!

Posted by: Jerry at July 19, 2007 06:03 PM

OMG - I am planning to go to Belize this spring!! I am sooooo not ready to face something like this!! Ugh...

Posted by: Richmond at July 19, 2007 09:39 PM

that SOB is about stupid

Posted by: Rex at July 20, 2007 06:29 AM

Cosmic, dude. Not only did both of us link Leslie's bot fly post, but I wrote a Lobster Boy post before seeing that you had made reference to him in this one. How's that for Great (Sick) Minds Thinking Alike?

The video? Classic.

Posted by: Elisson at July 20, 2007 12:42 PM

.... what was the duct tape for?... how come those guys and gals are so dirty?.... and how was Mr. Calm not freaking out while those puppies were being pulled from his flesh?....

... the mind boggles....

Posted by: Eric at July 20, 2007 03:50 PM

I don't CARE that you fixed the video clip, I.AM.NOT.WATCHING.IT!

Posted by: ktreva at July 24, 2007 05:21 PM