January 05, 2007

A Reward

When my father got killed, things got rough for us. My ma did the best she could, but we hit some low spots. Without Social Security benefits, we would have been toast. It wasn't much, but it was a huge help.

Help that it was, I've not expected it to be around for me to use... and I wouldn't count on it. There have been ideas on how to handle it, possible allocations, ideas that make it function like a retirement account. Duh... that's essentially what it is. Well, that and a reward for being willing to work illegally.

An agreement the Bush administration reached with Mexico on Social Security benefits would allow illegal aliens granted amnesty in the future to claim credit for the time they worked illegally.
I don't do politics on this blog. However, I will do pissed off. While I have respect for the President, the man and his administration have pissed me the fuck off at times. This do be one. My jaws have been clamped tight since I read this crap...

Thanks for the cracked teeth, Raven (via Flightpundit).

Posted by That 1 Guy at January 5, 2007 08:06 PM | TrackBack

Same thing after my father passed, but this? This is waaaayyyyy f'kin' wrong.

Posted by: Tammi at January 5, 2007 08:25 PM

Welcome to me and OfficerT's war on immigration.

Ain't it great to be from here, live here, pay taxes here, work here, raise kids here, and watch it all given away to folks who are none of the former?


Posted by: BloodSpite at January 5, 2007 08:49 PM

Eh, anymore I'm expecting the government to request half of my pay each month just so they can pay for the jobless and illegals. I'm too tired of being pissed about this type of BS.

Until enough people actually start to stand up and do stuff about it, I'm just going to accept it. I'm tired of being pissed constantly.

Posted by: Contagion at January 5, 2007 08:51 PM

There's a small group of us that are,Contagion; mostly bloggers, a few LE types and more, especially locally.

We got a chapter of Grassfire(dot)org that we've set up. Meanwhile OfficerT and I have been pounding Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe (and before that Lt. Gov. Asa Hutchinson) as well as several legislators like mad.

Posted by: BloodSpite at January 5, 2007 08:56 PM

This just sucks hind-tit! I'll check out "grassfire"!

Posted by: Mushy at January 5, 2007 09:51 PM

Don't get me fucking started. I have two special needs kids I can't get a dime of help for from SSI (because I make more than fucking minimum wage and I actually hold a job)while these motherfucking bastards get health care, education, and now retirement funds from my goddamn tax dollars. I'm about to the fucking point where I want to recoup my losses by selling the kidneys of illegal aliens and politicians on the black market.

And I won't bother leaving the sacks of shit in a tub of ice, either.

Posted by: Graumagus at January 6, 2007 12:28 AM

Ok, let me be the bad guy here. Did you say they would receive money based on what they had contributed, (I believe you did), then what is the problem?

Here is the problem. It isn't the fact that they came in illegally, or is it?

Is it the fact that they contributed to OUR social security plan that WE may never see? (not saying that we haven't contributed as well).

Is is the fact that our border patrol would rather harrass citzens than illegals who drive right through??? (Been there and saw it for myself)We aren't talking about the idiots who drag their families through the Rio Grande in the middle of the night like my father in law did to my wife and
her sisters, I am talking about the people who walk in like they own the place.

People and friends, the government has done a greater travesty to us than SSI. It is called taxes. They continue to tax us to death, and run the budget into the ground, all the while telling farmers what and how much they can plant(i.e. ethonal creats corn shortages). And we let them do it. They continue to distract us with other issues, while their hand is in our pockets.

As long as Republicans live, taxes will live. As long as Democrats live, programs that require taxes will continue to live. Both parties are liars!

I invite you all to go and search Ronald Regan's speech for Barry Goldwater in 1964. It is called a time for choosing. It is an eye opener.

Posted by: leggerman at January 6, 2007 09:22 AM

Leggerman - most illegals are not paying into SS because they are being paid under the table and are not on the books.

Why should my hard earned dollars go to someone who never paid into SS to begin with?

Illegals are the same as welfare people, expecting everything while giving nothing and bitching about it all the while.

Just like Californias Governor is now going to give free health insurance to all kids (including illegals), don't you think that people are just going to be pouring over the boarder now just to get the free health care in CA.

The US is on it's way to extinction.

Posted by: Quality Weenie at January 6, 2007 02:23 PM

QW, I understand your sentiments. I am a true blue fightin' American to the core. If someone has worked illegally, and got paid under the table, then they are most likely using an illegal SS#, and they will not be able to get SSI. I am only defending the ones who came in illegally to work to support their families. They did it to better themselves. Then they got scared and tried to make it right by becomming legal somehow. I know stereo types can run rampant at times like this, but there is crap in all races.

When my wife came here in the summer of 1985, she got a job as a temporary resident, even though she was illegal. She worked in the strawberry feilds, corn feilds, etc. Regan granted amnesty to all who were holding a job including field workers, legal or not, and they were allowed to apply for the paperwork to make themselves legal. Illegal aliens sometimes have no choice but to come into this country illegally. To come here from Mexico legally, you have to satisfy a $10,000 bank account, be registered in a university in Mexico, have some rich relative you are comming to visit, or something stupid like that. It is not easy for the third world type families to make it legally. So they come any way they can. They send money home to their families who live in dirt huts etc. I have seen it all with my own eyes. I tell you the truth. I also am not defending the trash who come here for free programs set up by the democrats in the name of the civil liberties union.

All I am saying is, if the illegals work here with a work permit and contribute to SSI, then they should get back what they have coming. If people don't want illegals here, then tighten up the borders.

Posted by: leggerman at January 6, 2007 07:21 PM

Dude... you and I already talked about this. I offer my apologies to all of the illegals working under legitimate SS numbers.

Posted by: That 1 Guy at January 6, 2007 10:03 PM

Thanks T1G, I know how you feel. I respect you and all you said. This kind of talk stirs up so many feelings, but I know your heart. You have helped alot of people when possible. You are a good man, T1G.

Posted by: leggerman at January 7, 2007 08:23 AM

Ok so it's cool to break the law?

I mean if your speeding you get a ticket. You break in to someones house, you go to jail. But break in to someone's country and it's just fine, oh your here to work, no problem see ya?

Not being cruel but I don't buy in to that.

My folks immigrated here during the World War. They stood in lines, got ran out of New York thanks to "No Irish Need Apply" and moved South.

If they are here illegally...then well they are here illegally. Working or not, they broke the law.

At what point does the law not mean anything any more? When the government needs your property? When you speed? Or when someone breaks in to your country?

Posted by: BloodSpite at January 7, 2007 10:30 AM

OK, Bloodspite, I promised T1G I wouldn't do this, but one more response. I won't answer any more. I promise. This site is a PUB, not a political arena. And a darn nice PUB at that. Thanks T1G!

In all fairness, everyone should be punished for breaking the law. God forbid you or any other foriegner is caught with a gun in Mexico, we would literally never see you again. You would get locked up, and they would throw away the key. That is how well they uphold their laws. We in this country, however tend to give people a chance to have a lawyer and defend themselves. Right or wrong, that too is the law.

Yet, in our country, after being lied to, tricked, stolen from, or taken advantage of, we have always been a safehaven for the less fortunate. Just because your family was treated wrongfully by the government or anyone else, doesn't mean you should return the favor to others.

If someone came to your back door hungry and had no place to go because they were not from our country, I don't believe you would ask them if they were legal or not, and if not, send them to the border. I really don't believe you would. This is about PEOPLE, not just about laws. Laws are good for many reasons, including protecting our citizens. But what is the real crime in wanting to work? I know, I know, they are still illegal, but have you seen what they have for jobs in Mexico? Little kids selling chicklets, and begging to spit shine your car window at the stop light. They are far from lazy. Oppressed by their government, but not lazy. I assure you, there is no such thing as OSHA in Mexico, and our wonderful country is taking advantage of that by sending our work down there. And they do not pay anything close to union wages either. Hence, the rush for the border.

Get the murderers, theives, drug pushers, rapists, welfare magnets, and hardened criminals and send them back with out a trial. Don't even waste our tax dollars on them. But don't turn your back on someone who wants to work and provide for himself or his/her family.

The prejudices that your family experienced still exist today. They aren't toward the IRISH any more, but they are toward the Mexicans and other non white races. NOT saying you or anyone who has commented is a racist, I am not saying that at all. I for one hate being asked on the phone if I want to continue in English and my kids are bilingual with English being their #1 language. If people want to live here, they need to learn the language and then they can adapt to our cultures and fly our flag, and yes they should come legally. I am just not sure that kicking all the illegals who hold jobs to the curb is the right answer. I am not sure what the answer is at all, I just don't believe everything the media says either. They print and air whatever sells.

So Bloodspite, my hat is off to you. Thanks for your comments. You make valid and well spoken points. Thanks to T1G for the opportunity to speak in his pub. God's best to you all and our great country, the United States of America.

Posted by: leggerman at January 7, 2007 03:12 PM