September 11, 2006


Perusing the blogroll today, I read many posts and tributes about 9/11, as could be expected. While we must move on, it must never be forgotten. I was suprised to see so many bloggers that I know and read had taken part in The 2,996 Tribute. Not all of these are part of the 2,996 project, but all introduce us to someone taken from us, five years ago. I only managed to go through one of my sidebars, and check out a couple of regular reads, and these are what I found:

Philip L. Parker was remembered by Cat.
Ramzi Doanywas remembered by AW.
Matthew "Matty" Lancelot Ryan and Cyril Richard "Rick" Rescorla were remembered by Blackfive.
Don Simmons was remembered by Bou.
Valerie Joan Hanna was remembered by Shoe.
Mr. Bingley remembers his friends, John Resta And Sylvia San Pio Resta.
Darya Lin was remembered by Dizzy Girl.
Lt. Geoffrey Gujawas remembered by Elisson.
Kevin McCarthy was remembered by Nancy.
Brendan Dolan was remembered by Richard.
Calvin Dawson was remembered by Eric.
Carol Keyes Demitz was remembered by Teresa.
Sarah Khan was remembered by Jimmyb.
Isidro Ottenwalder was remembered by RSM.
Allison Horstmann-Jones was remembered by Michele.
Kirsten L. Christophe was remembered by Alabama Improper.
Paul Robert Eckna was remembered by Misha.
Gregory Sikorsky was remembered by Frank J.
Davin Peterson was remembered by AFSister.
Marion Ruth Britton was remembered by Cathy.
Steven Lawrence Glick was remembered by Always On Watch.
Kevin Wayne Yokum was remembered by Raven.
Maria Jakubiak was remembered by Mrs. Who.
James Sands Jr. was remembered by Sgt. B.
Capt. Louis Joseph Modafferi was remembered by Jody.
Patrick O'Keefe was remembered by Sticks.

All were great tributes, but Michele also wrote a tribute to her friend, Larry, and a post about a final conversation with Larry, and another friend, Mike, that had me sitting motionless in my chair, fighting back tears. In the dead silence, I realized that I was not breathing.

Be sure to check these out, and get to know some people who should never be forgotten.

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Thank you for posting these links. I think I have read them now, the bloggers I know.

I loved your tribute and thank you for providing a link to her husband's post as well.

Posted by: Bou at September 11, 2006 09:13 PM