May 08, 2006


I've mentioned that I play guitar a little bit. It's definitely nothing that is gonna earn me any ching, but it is pretty damn fun. I hadn't played for awhile, but a few months back, I picked it back up. I'm still not playing well, but things are coming back. Rapidly. It's become kind of an obsession.

I've started playing for hours at a time, and it's not always a whole song that occupies me... at times, I get hung up on a certain part, or a certain riff, and I play it over and over, until it has a certain fluidity. Hell, it might not sound good, but if it feels fluid when I play, I consider that a victory. And usually, the next day, it does sound good.

After listening to Rob, Denny, Jim, and Eric play, I decided that I've gotta do some work to hang with them. Sure, it's fun to play along with them, and that's really what it's about, but it would be nice to play at their level, or much nearer than my current level! So I've hit it hard lately, learning a song that Army Wife asked me to learn, and concentrating on the intro to "The Trees," by Rush. Heheh... that Rush song has kicked my ass. The chord changes are many, and often. After a couple hours trying to play that the other night, I awoke to find that I couldn't close my hand. Not good.

Ah well. I've got the chords pegged, it's just a matter of strengthening my hand. Maybe I'll treat you all to it at the next meet. Or not. Heheheh... I had been planning to play The Scrotum Song at this last meet, but thankfully, the timing was never right.

Posted by That 1 Guy at May 8, 2006 11:34 AM

The Scrotum Song is such a happy little tune. I think it would always be appropriate. Maybe you should play the ukelele. Easier on the hands and much lighter to carry.

Posted by: Jerry at May 8, 2006 12:32 PM

No "Scrotum Song"?

Aw, nuts.

Posted by: Elisson at May 8, 2006 01:50 PM

The Frente accoustic version of New Order is really great, and I wil only sing it in public performances since 1978 solo at church...

Posted by: armywifetoddlermom at May 8, 2006 08:38 PM

Note to self - request "Scrotum Song"

Posted by: Harvey at May 9, 2006 03:20 PM

Thanks for the "Scrotum Song" e-mail. Next blogmeet, for sure, Big Fella. It's all yours. I'll lay in a bit of background.

Posted by: Jim - PRS at May 9, 2006 08:43 PM

neato, dood! I like stuff like that, but then I am a blogger, huh?

Posted by: marcus at May 9, 2006 09:40 PM