March 25, 2006

Image Meme

Maybe it was that my snoring kept her whole household awake, but Carmen saw fit to go and slap me with a meme. Because this one was so different, I did it, but I may be tagging those who've already been nailed, or who don't want to do it. Tough.

Here's the instructions:

1. Choose a search engine (e.g. Dogpile).
2. Pick 5 random blogfriends.
3. Think of a word or phrase that you describes each friend.
4. Do an image search of that word or phrase.
5. Pick an image that makes you say, "Aha! That's it!"

I'm going to pick one extra, just because. Okay, here goes:

(Alabama Improper)

London Pride.jpg
(Alex in Wonderland)

(Yabu, of Bad Bad Juju)

(Cathy, of Sunday Morning Coffee)

Shiner Bock.JPG
(Dash, of The Boiling Point)

Alberta Springs.jpg
(Sam, of The Crazy Rants of Samantha Burns)

For those of you lucky enough to have images placed here, you're tagged. Hahahahahah!!!

Posted by That 1 Guy at March 25, 2006 03:30 PM

Hey, this makes you a Meme Bartender.

Posted by: Sticks at March 25, 2006 06:12 PM

I'll do it! Expect it early this coming week.

Posted by: Sam at March 26, 2006 12:01 AM

Ok, ok - I cannot just cheat and put a pic of Contagion as a haggis then??

Posted by: alex at March 26, 2006 04:03 AM

I'm all over this, Joe. You'll see something later this week.

Posted by: Cathy at March 26, 2006 08:53 AM

I'm on it when I return from Juju land....

Posted by: Yabu at March 26, 2006 10:13 AM

Thank gawd I managed to avid this one yet again heh

Probably because what kind of image are you going to get with a name like mine?

Probably some guy shoving a puppy in a belnder or something.

Posted by: BloodSpite at March 26, 2006 10:19 AM

Ooooooooooooooh, way too cool. I'm going to do it just as soon as I recover from my road trip. I like my image!! Thanks.

Posted by: Alabama Improper at March 26, 2006 06:16 PM