February 21, 2006


Nope, that's not the posts needed to hit 1000. It's not a monetary value. It's not an area code. It is an interstate, a school district in Minnesota, a Gato - class submarine, lost in 1944 (RIP gentlemen), a standard form for Executive Branch Personnel Public Financial Disclosure Report, and a Braddock Heights, Maryland Cub Scout Pack, along with other things, I'm sure. Those aren't what I'm talking about. That would be the amount of poundage you would feel, should I happen to step on you.

My frickin' weight.

Now, I'm not going to whine about being a lard ass. I'm really not. I am way out of shape, and I weigh more than I should, but I'm only concerned about that number because of something that I've really wanted to do, and as long as that number shows up when I step on a weighing device, I can't do it. To do it, I need the scales to read 250 or below, or to find a skydiving joint that will take someone over that weight.

Yeah. I want to jump out of a plane. A friend and I have decided that that is going to be the planned event for my birthday in July. I've wanted to do it since I was a kid, but I really got fired up when I was in the Marines, and a couple of the guys that had gone through recon training had their own chutes, and would go out on Saturday mornings...

Huh... I've been trying to find links to their weight restrictions, and as of right now, I can't find anything. I know that I was stoked last year, and then I found the limitation on multiple local sites. Not finding them now.

Regardless, I've gotta drop a pound or ten, and if my personal health isn't good enough reason, being able to launch myself out of a plane should work even better.

Posted by That 1 Guy at February 21, 2006 07:32 PM

Hope you do it, as it is about the most fun you can have with your clothes on.

Posted by: Laughing Wolf at February 21, 2006 08:14 PM

No thanks. I'll pass. I just as soon stick to building them so people like you can jump out of them. ;-)

Posted by: Bou at February 21, 2006 10:08 PM

All the best losin that weight.. something bout em fat cells seem to make em last longer than any other damn thing in the body (now i sound like an energizer bunny ad!)

have a nice day

Posted by: g at February 22, 2006 12:53 AM

Just yesterday I posted about my Allergy Diet Plan... It's what I'll be trying to lose a couple more pounds.

Posted by: Telebush at February 22, 2006 06:41 AM

Well, there's always the Lowden Park stairmaster- at least I'd have a chance to visit with you!

Posted by: Raging Mom at February 22, 2006 08:51 AM

I feel your pain here...I do...although if I loose my weight, I am not going to hurl myslef out of a fucking plane....no way...
I am going to take pictures of thinner me, just so I have proof.....

Posted by: armywifetoddlermom at February 22, 2006 09:06 AM

Good luck with the weight loss.
Are you going to do a tandem or static line jump?? Tandems have more strict guidlines to weight than static line jumps.
However, for your first jump tandem is waaaaaaayyyyyyyy more fun.

Posted by: spurs at February 22, 2006 09:50 AM

Dunno about civilian jumps. My buddy Dave as big as he was jumped, and still has his qual. Althought the jumpmaster kept looking at him nervously.

I'm with you on the weight thing. I'm walking my damn mountain every morning .....except for this morning...where I am huddeled up with a blanket coughing my fool head off.

Posted by: BloodSpite at February 22, 2006 10:32 AM

Exit a perfectly functional plane in mid-flight ?
Jumpin' Jarheads !
Stand up - Hook up - Shuffle to the door - Jump right out and shout - "WTF am I doing this for !?!"

Posted by: jody at February 22, 2006 12:37 PM

My hubby did some skydiving when he was in college (hence our email address) and definitely wants to do it again. ::shudder:: Talks about it every year....

Posted by: Richmond at February 22, 2006 02:14 PM

Not to rub it in, but I could do it now (thanks to WW). But...I wanna go too! I've always wanted to jump out of a perfectly good airplane for no other reason than just because! (And yet, ferris wheels are too high and scare the crap out me...but I feel secure with silk tied to me. Hm, Freud?)

But I digress....can I come too?! Please Mr. Wizard! I promise to be a good girl! ;)

Posted by: Lee Ann at February 22, 2006 08:30 PM

Jeez-a-Molly! 278? I had no idea. You hide it well. I'm just glad you didn't lose your balance and fall on me. You outweigh me by 100 lbs.

I did a quick search, and most of the weight limits for jumps seem to be in the 230-250lb range. Most of that would depend on the parachute, I'd imagine. I did a static jump in 1984, my 2nd time in an airplane (young and stupid). It was an Army parachute, and I didn't land right. Sprained my ankle. That's back when I weighed about 160lbs. It's all that physics and lbs per square inch, and the rate of the fall, etc.

Let me know if you need anymore jump info. Good luck.

Posted by: Jerry at February 23, 2006 02:15 PM