December 03, 2005


My brain feels runny today. Well, runnier than usual. So I'm just sitting here, moving no faster than needed, until I deem it safe. Gott only knows when that will be. Oh no, my flock, I'm not hurting too badly, but I feel the pain is there, lurking. Waiting for me to be an idiot. I've got the patience... I can wait it out.

I've even taken to taunting the hiding hangover... I'm listening to an album that I'm pretty sure only a few have ever heard: Fudge Tunnel's Hate Songs in E Minor. Also known as Fudge Tunnel's First Movement. (Now that's some funny shit, right there.) Good tunes, folks. The volume is increasing, as is the urge to bang my head, but I will resist. I think that if I were to start banging my head, I'd have to mop something up.

Speaking of obscure, I was wondering how many folks might happen to know where these lyrics come from... of course, without the aid of a search.

The Doctor looked at my eyes
"No trace of insanity.
Maybe the time is right now
to have a visit from the family.
I'm thinking of your Mother...
What does my little patient say?"
I should have taken his stethoscope
and then forced it down his throat.
My Mother was at stake,
So I behaved.
I'm only asking for the artist, but if you know the album and song title, you'll win even more nothing. If no one pegs it, I'll answer it later in the extended entry. I'm sure you'll all be dying to know. :)

Heheh... I see this went over like a Led Zeppelin! Don't worry, I'll do it again.

Anyway, for those interested, the artist was King Diamond, the album Conspiracy, and the song was "Lies."

Better luck next time! :)

Posted by That 1 Guy at December 3, 2005 10:39 AM