November 01, 2005

B/P Sitrep

Okay, I realize that I'm probably opening myself up to an ass chewing or two, but with all of the concern about "The Nosebleed", I figure I owe it to you folks to let you know what's up.

Yes, Virginia, I do have high blood pressure. Normally, it's not too bad, but at times it gets ridiculous.

Yes, I'm supposed to be on meds. Do I take them? Not regularly.

I do have a theory about what set the bleeding off... not sure how correct it is, but it clicked with me Sunday morning when I was pondering the drive home.

As some of you know, we drove through the night to get down to Tennessee. My half of the drive was the early morning hours, and since I don't sleep very regular, I picked up an energy drink to help keep me awake. I know that they can make me blotch up, and get dizzy. I'm assuming that your B/P goes up when you consume this garbage. Not alot of time had passed between drinking that, and trying to crash out to get a couple hours of sleep before partying. While I was sleeping, the blood started seeping.

A couple of hours before I finally got scared and went to the hospital, someone gave me a tablet of the exact same prescription that I'm supposed to be on. I'm of the mind that it helped to stop the bleeding once I got to the hospital. I don't know... I could just be full of crap.

Anyway, now you folks know the deal.

Posted by That 1 Guy at November 1, 2005 08:15 AM

If you don't want to take your meds regularly... may I suggest a trip to your local nursing home? Have a look at people who have had profound strokes - check it out carefully and then decide if the meds are worth it or not. (I worked in several nursing homes and several hospitals back in the day... trust me on this - you DON'T want to deal with the results of a stroke). The type of stroke we're talking about here - if you survive it - would be one of the worst types - a bleed as opposed to a clot blocking blood flow. Very nasty indeed.

It doesn't matter what set off the nosebleed - the fact that ONE highly caffeinated drink can bring you to such a pass should be a huge red flag smacking you in the face. It's your decision how to handle it - but do understand the possible consequences of NOT keeping your BP under some sort of control.

Yeah, just call me the queen of tactlessness - which is why I don't make the best of nurses. *grin* If the meds make you feel bad... talk to the doctor about alternative medications. What works for one person will make another one feel awful. But do NOT let this go - I don't want to have to fly back to Illinois for a funeral or to make a nursing home visit!

Posted by: Teresa at November 1, 2005 11:02 AM

Lay off the nose candy for a week or two. I bet that will clean the problem up.

Posted by: Skeeter at November 1, 2005 12:47 PM

*volunteers to "watch" the nose candy collection*

Posted by: Harvey at November 1, 2005 07:26 PM

Take care of yourself! I haven't met you yet!!!!

Posted by: vw bug at November 2, 2005 05:55 AM

The problem is obviously that you have too much blood.

I suggest leeches. And lots of them.

Posted by: Graumagus at November 2, 2005 08:10 AM

Oh, yeah, but make sure they're perscription leeches.

Posted by: Graumagus at November 2, 2005 08:11 AM

As one who takes his meds, does as he is told, and is completely honest with his doctors (Tammi, why are you rolling on the floor? Why doe Bou have a rolled-up newspaper in her hand?), take the meds. If they bother you, make you feel bad, then get with the doctor and try something else. In all seriousness, I do NOT want you to go through what Dad did in terms of mini-strokes and such. Do not make me come up there and have a little talk with you...

Posted by: Laughing Wolf at November 2, 2005 10:15 AM

Ok...I'm only going to say this once: Depends Adult Diapers or meds; the choice is yours.

Posted by: Pam at November 2, 2005 07:33 PM

I suggest thinning your blood through more alcohol intake... Then again my answer to all medical problems is more alcohol.

Posted by: Contagion at November 3, 2005 07:33 AM

First time in here, Jarhead, and LMAO.

At least you were bleeding from holes you were born with...but then that's a sick, demented kind of optimism usually reserved for Marines.

Cheers & Semper Fi...


Posted by: USMC_Vet at November 4, 2005 01:07 AM