October 05, 2005

Battle Of The Burly Boys

Believe me, it's not a slam against David Wells...

Tonight's game will feature Boston's Wells (6'-3", 248 lbs) dueling with Chicago's Mark Buehrle(6' 2", 220). Wells has been in 25 playoff games, starting 15, and winning ten. This is Buerhle's first post season start. Hopefully, it'll also be his first postseason win. Two great pitchers... should be a good game.

Did you read the scouting reports? ESPN really digs deep... a little too much info if you ask me. About Buerhle:

He very rarely beats himself.
Somehow, I don't think such personal things are pertinent the game. But I may be wrong... heheheh.

Self-gratification or no, GO CHICAGO!

UPDATE: Tonight's game was a good one. Good Sox won, 5-4. I should be happy... and I kinda am. But the game was won after an error by a former White Sox player. If Boston doesn't make it to the next level, I fear that Tony Graffanino will be the new Bill Buckner. He doesn't deserve that... hell, even Bill didn't deserve that.

Nonetheless, Buerhle beats Burly.... as the Matron Saint of Jailbirds says, "It's a good thing."

Posted by That 1 Guy at October 5, 2005 02:39 PM