November 25, 2004

Okay, I Kinda Lied ...

but I did sya lite to none. And while I had not a sing;e thought of imbibng, some jackass freomd of mine insitsed on buying this idiot a shot. Which turned into a whole hell of a lot of drinks. God, I shoul.d know better. Drpressed, andgery and buzzed is not a bood combination. Hahahaha .... I spelled it right... combination. HA,

Quick question for all of you peoples that mayt read this; what is the stangerst thing to happen to you in yout house, or place of residence? Serious;y. Yes, I'm drunk, but I'm for real when I ask this. Right now I am pissed (both in Olde Worlde sense, and American sense). I got home from grocery shoppimg this afternooon, and when I walked in the door, I abouty gagged. The f'in kitchen styunk like some nasty kind of cheese. I opened the fridge (and to my dismay, there's no milk, my mther will pay .... ahhh, SOD) and the stench about flattens me. There's milk all ofer a couple of shelbes, and it's nasty. The weird thing is.... I have't had milk in the fridge for a couple of monthes now. Really. What I want ot know is, where the helll did this come from, or was it in the fridge fot the past couple months? I've been in there, and it hasn;'t stunk until today. Nor was there any whit liquic in there, either. Freaking weird, if I do say so myself. No, I wasn't buzzed up earlier.

Someday, I will fill you in on what the hell is goin ohn with me. Until then,m behave. hehehe

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