December 10, 2004

Why Call It That?

I love Chinese food. I won't say I'm an expert in it; I can't tell you what dishes contain which veggies or anything. I just know that if it's some type of "kow," or most anything with beef, it's going to be to my liking. Tonight we ordered Chinese for lunch.

Wanting something different, I pick Mongolian Beef. Next to it, there is a red pepper that serves as a warning. Hot and Spicy. That's no warning, that's bait. And I'm hooked! I LOVE hot! The pepper was their only warning. Some of you who've read me and are familiar with Chinese food, may already be smiling.

Our food arrives, and, damn, that smells good! You can smell the heat. I'm already drooling! I pop the container open, and am immediately posed with a question: What sort of lifeform does Mongolia consider BEEF? I tell you right now, it can't be anything bovine. Oh, sure, there are a few strips of T1G type beef in there, but unless you can call fungus "cattle," the name of the dish doesn't fit.

SHROOBIES!! Yeah. My favorite. Right. We aren't talking small pieces of vile. We are talking chunks that deserve their own parking space! I swear they were crawling around, but being the big, brave boy that I am, I attempted to eat the dish anyway. I only made it through seven shrooms. By then, the earthy taste was too much. I started to pick them out. Out of a quart container, I threw away a five gallon bucket of shroobies. I knew the damn things were alive!

Other than the delightful bits of funk, this stuff was awesome! Not quite hot enough, but hey, it works.

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