December 11, 2004

Pajama Time is Over ... Get Used to It!

Well, Harvey is hosting his final Carnival of the Pajamas this weekend. Thought I'd be a sport and enter the last one.

No PJ's though. Nope. Thought I'd let you check out my "anti-pajama wearing" utes. Not a good picture, because most pics I have contain me on the best side of the camera. Behind the viewfinder. This one was snapped by one of my platoon. I was guide, I'd just been thrashed* (probably for the third or fourth time of the day ... still early by the light), and I wasn't very happy. This would be my "What the hell are you doing with my camera?!" look. I definitely remember wishing that some kind of enemy would walk into the squadbay at that moment.

*Thrashing is a form of punishment excercise, enjoyed after someone screws up.

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