February 18, 2005

Gripe Day

You ever spend a lot of time on a project, finally complete it, and then a few days later, been told that it was for nothing? That you needed to do the whole thing over?

I take a lot of pride in the quality of work that I put out. I take a little longer to get it set up, but when it runs, I know that they are going to be good parts. Most times, I know that the setup is going to run some damn good parts. Checking tolerances is a security, not a necessity for most of my setups. I'm not bragging. Just sayin'.

I spent almost a week on a setup, and that's between the two of us on the machine, replaced tooling, and re-did the setup. Ran the order out. All along, checking parts. Good.

Say it ain't so, Joe, but they aren't good. Whole order scrapped out. Grrrrrr. Going to get it back today. Been stewing about it all night. My personal pride has taken a hit. Hopefully we can get this running today. Hopefully.

So how about you? Got any gripes? C'mon... share in my misery!

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