April 16, 2005

Some Questions, and Answers

I'm a little late with this, but at least it's something. Eric asked for victims volunteers to answer some questions, and I accepted. Here's a little more info about me, courtesy of the blogsitter, Eric.

1. ... during your recent computer problems, you chose two shady characters to guest post for you.. why on EARTH did you chose Eric and Harvey?.. surely you must have known that they'd be tearing the place apart... are you a glutton for punishment, or just a masochist?...

This is a good question, and I've been trying to figure out what exactly I was thinking when I asked these two to assist. I knew that there would be some snooping and prying about, but these two have been rooting around like hogs after truffles! Exposing secrets and such. Seriously, I asked Eric to help because I've enjoyed reading his blog, and I've often thought that he seems to be a hell of a lot like me... if I were to have a functioning brain. And Harvey? Who doesn't want Harvey on their blog? Actually, who's blog doesn't Harvey want to be on? I figured this would be another step, albeit a small one, in his quest to rule the Blogosphere. I'm truly suprised to see that none of the other bloggers at IMAO have suddenly ceased to be! Really, though he likes to be known as a Bad Example, he's a good egg. And a good old Blog Faddah. I really appreciate both of them taking time out to help. As for being a masochist? Only when the mood is right.

2. ... you have an unusual duality on your blog.. on one hand, you are bullied around your house by a mysterious squirrel.. and on the other hand, you are a former Marine who rides Harleys and chugs beer... what gives, man?.. are you one of those touchy-feelie Meterosexuals we've heard so much about?...

What the hell kinda question is this? Dude, if you only knew the whole story... Let me just say, any animal that steals and drinks beer is frightening, but to me, a squirrel is the utmost terror. A bit of advice: Never use large amounts of Acorn Cover Scent when hunting in areas that are loaded with squirrels. Especially not on
your pants. *shudder* You may never escape the nightmares. And NO, I am NOT a touchy-feelie meterosexual... *sniff* Damn you people and your teasing.

3.... what's the deal with Wang?...

I am not totally certain about Wang. Dude showed up one day, and he's been hanging about ever since. Said something about leaving a hottie from Peoria who was tearing him up. I don't know, truly. He seems to be opening up to Eric quite a bit, so I guess we're all in for an education.

4. ... who is more hot, and why?... Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady, Lee Marvin from Paint Your Wagon, or Jane Powell in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers?...

I realize that you are trying to stick with a "musical" theme, but if you had asked about Marvin in "Cat Ballou," this might have been a tighter contest. While a fine figure of a man, I just can't go with Lee on this one. And while Powell is a lovely, when you are pitting anyone against Audrey, she's usually going to walk away the victor. grrrrrrrrROOwllllll! Why? Another crazy question. How can you NOT go
with her? The woman was so incredibly hot!

5. ... ok.. enough of all that... time to redeem yourself, T1G... if you could get into a bar brawl with any three historical characters, who would they be, and why?...

I could load this up with Marines, but I'll keep it to one... Dan Daly. If you need to ask why after reading that link, please leave and don't come back. Hell, this is actually a tough question, in that the names are easy and many, but narrowing it down is something else. I'll just pop a couple more off. One is someone I read about long ago, but I've been impressed with him ever since; Simon Kenton. This guy was forced to run the gauntlet nine times! This guy never quit. I remember reading once that he was a rough, tough, and very homely man. And since this is a barroom brawl, might as well go with a pro. John Sullivan. Colorful character and another tough SOB.

I also wouldn't mind John Colter, Daniel Boone, Teddy Roosevelt... hell, this list could go on for a while.

Of course, if this question was meant as in getting into a fight
against three people, I would have to edit this list. I don't
mind a fight, but I'm not going to get my ass killed!

And just so you all know, I'm not back yet, but should be within the week... should.

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