April 16, 2005

A Feeling

I'm a little confused... this is a feeling that is a little foreign to me. Perhaps you could help me figure out what's going on with me.

It happens so easily, usually totally unexpected. In some cases a trip to the local tavern or pub increases the odds.

When it first occurs, you feel a warm sensation that just seems to spread throughout your being. The force with which this sensation comes over you varies... sometimes it strikes you with the power and impact of a waterfall. Other times, it begins with a trickle and ends in a torrent. And then there are times when the sensation is like a series of tentative caresses, then you are suddenly and totally engulfed... like being slowly lowered, and then dropped, into a warm, slowly moving river.

After a time, the warm feeling is gone, replaced by irritation... sometimes a major pain in the ass. Things tend to rub you the wrong way, and you are very easily chafed.

People start to notice that something is wrong, but you won't let anyone near you. There is no such thing as a "good mood" anymore.

Shame, no longer pride, is evident in your walk. You swear that others are talking behind your back... you are sure that you hear, "I told him that it was a bad idea," and "You can't force things to adapt to you, you've got to adapt to them. I told him that, but he wouldn't listen. Now look at him!"

You can't wait to be out of sight; to wash it all away in silence.

Did I just fall in and out of love?

Or did I just fill my shorts?

They sound pretty damn similar, don't they?

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