May 09, 2005

A Riding Question

To a cyclist, each lane of the highway or street is divided into three smaller lanes: Left, center (oil strip), and, obviously, right. I personally prefer to ride to the left, except when turning right. It's also the lane recommended in the handbooks that I've read, but that's a poor excuse for doing it. I ride there simply because it gives me more room to maneuver should a situation develop.

I've always seen a rider or two that seem to hug the right. But this year, there has been an unusually large number that I've noticed. To me, it doesn't make any sense. Unless of course, your group is riding in staggered formation. But I'm talking about individual riders.

So my question to you who ride, or have ridden, is this: Which "lane" do you ride in, and why? I'm especially interested in those that ride the oil strip and right.

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