May 09, 2005

Blog Western

While I was computerless, I really missed the communication with some of my favorite bloggers, and the Bad Example Family. Something else that I missed, were the projects that the lovely Christina likes to put together.

She had organized a blog novella that turned out in awesome fashion, and a blog noir that turned out in a similar way. Both were incredibly smooth with their transitions from blogger to blogger, and the stories great.

Well, unless you've been computerless, or just crawled out from under a rock, you know that she's at it again. This time it's a western, and each chapter is one of the seven deadly sins. And once again, it's moving fluidly.

Dax Montana starts us out with chapter one.

Moogie takes chapter two.

WitNit has chapter three.

Kelley has chapter four up already.

Next up is the ever silent Eric.

Enjoy, folks!

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