May 24, 2005

My Day

Once I clicked out of "zombie mode" this morn, it seemed that I was heading into a good day. The sun was shining, nice cool breeze blowing, birds were singing... wait, those were starlings cackling. Still, not a bad way to start the morning.

Heading out to the garage, that changed in a hurry. As I rounded the corner, I was greeted with the bracing fragrance of feline urine. Any guilty feelings that I may have had about the post below disappeared in an instant. Since I had left the windows of the car open a crack, I was able to enjoy cat stench for most of the drive into work.

Pulling away from the garage, I noticed my neighbor's cats watching me through the newly installed window (they've just stared at me since it was put in... creeps me out), and I swear the bastards were smirking. They probably were the lookouts during the whole territory marking incident last night. Just as I was about to sneer back, I noticed my neighbor (a rather large man) sitting at his table in his bungies. A pretty sight indeed! My eyes were now watering from cat stench and "fat guy in bungies" shock.

By the time that I reached work, both the smell and the shock had worn away. Just in time for the crew of monkeys that power my brain to clock in. However, instead of the usual chittering and flinging of poo that I've come to know and love, they came armed with 32 oz ballpeen hammers. My head was killing me, and I hadn't drank much at all last night!

Looked like I was in for a long day, until one of the ladies gave me some tylenol. After poisoning the monkeys, the day flew by fairly well. I had a few problems, but nothing serious to deal with. Went by so well, that I'm at a loss for things to blog about. Well, except for my day.

Oh, yes! I almost forgot! One more commercial starring a cat. Again, "Here be things ye may not care to see, ye scurvy lovers of cats!"

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