May 24, 2005


Damn, I've got a couple of weird cravings. Well, maybe they ain't so weird, but the trigger and the craving have nothing in common that I can tell. I'm puzzled.

Trigger: A co-worker eating lasagna for lunch. (I love lasagna... alot. I mean way. too. much.)

The cravings: A ham and cheese loaf, and Lays potato chip sandwich, and a Frito boat. (Just in case you don't know, a Frito boat is this: take a small bag of fritos, smash the bejeezus out of them, and open the bag lengthwise. Add taco meat, lettuce, tomatoes, Tabasco, sour cream, cheese, and peppers. Stir and chow.)

I have absolutely no idea what they have in common, but the craving is strong enough that I'm thinking of running to the store.

Can you think of any tie? Or, better yet, what are some of your food cravings?

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