July 28, 2005

Quick Post

Not much time to post, but I've gotta say, going through some of the headlines today had me busting up. Some were because of the picture I formed after reading it, and a couple were just the headline itself. Here's a couple, maybe a few.

Rabid Kitten Found, 19 People Treated: I've told you, cats are evil... even those "cute" little kittens.

Goose Poop and What to Do About It: Headline only. Nothing said about free Christmas geese.

Kenyan Waits For Bill Clinton's Answer On An Offer of 40 goats, 20 Cows To Marry Daughter: I'm wonderin' if Willie hasn't responded because he thought the offer was for Chelsea to marry the animals. Dowry, Bill. Not a sex farm.

And speaking of farms; Cows Put In A Bubble To Measure Emissions: Bet you can't guess which state this is in.

ANOTHER ONE: OJ Simpson Slammed For Sattellite TV Swiping: I'm not sure why they make a big deal out of this... as long as he's busy doing petty things like this, he's not killing anyone.

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