July 28, 2005

Nosy Meme

Got hit with another meme. This one wants folks to list what's on their night stand. Keep in mind a couple of things: I'm a bachelor, and this is an open nightstand.

lamp, qty: one
small fan, qty: one
Western skinning knife, qty: one
Legler hunting knife, qty: one
free drink chips, qty: three
change, qty: roughly four American dollars
wedding invitation, qty: one
carved ebony elephant figurine, qty: one
empty Erdinger bottle, qty: one
"Lost Battalions," by Franz Steidl
"William Wallace," by D. J. Gray
"Song of Susannah," by Stephen King
"Mathematics for the Million"
"The Journals of Eleanor Druse," by "Eleanor Druse"
"Sackett's Land," by Louis L'Amour
"Kilkenny," by Louis L'Amour
jar of silver dollars and half dollars, qty: ?

If I were to own a gun or few, I might say that any attempts to snoop around my nightstand may result in a S&W 6906 or SW9V being discharged in your direction. However, I wouldn't keep them on the nightstand...again, that's to say if I owned one. This is Illinois, America's Cuba.

I was going to pass it on, but I see it's already taking off. So if you want to do it, either do it in the comments, or let me know when you've done it on your blog, and I'll link to ya.

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