February 03, 2007


I dream all of the time, and in past weeks it's gotten ridiculous, but the last couple of nights have been horrid. Especially, last night. Codes, templates, and Fred and Ginger singing "tornaydo, tornahdo, tornaydo, tornahdo, let's call the whole thing off....", I got much not sleep. One thing about these dreams... I'm not getting gutted or killed. I guess that's a plus, but I'm still looking forward to them ending.

You folks that work behind a desk all day, staring into the square sun, have earned my respect. And proved that you are nuts, at the same time.

The past three days have seen me sitting in front of the computer at the shop, trying to get things updated and working properly. We installed a newer version of a program that we already had, and couldn't get it to function. At all. My cousin, who knows a bit about computers, came down on Wednesday to help out.

By some fluke, we managed to get an item posted onto an auction site (we do quite a bit of business through the big E), but when we tried others, no luck. We shot emails back and forth with a tech support guy who now thinks knows that we are the biggest technotards alive. At day's end, the only progress we had made was the single posting.

Thursday, I started all over again. Turns out, the templates that we were using are becoming obsolete, and we had to convert them all. Of course, I find this out in a rather timely fashion... at the end of the day. My eyes are now bloodshot and burning from staring at the frickin' screen, and my head is pounding from trying to do all of the computer crap and working up a kit and quote for a customer. The calls to my brother for info about the bikes were a very welcome, and much needed, break.

Yesterday, we began day three of the pounding headache, but this time, I made some serious progress. The tech guy gave me a bit of help that finally worked, and I took off from there. I had to ask a couple of questions, but I was able to answer them for myself before he replied. It was with a great sense of accomplishment that I watched the changes we had made come into play. What used to take over an hour to run now takes less than five minutes. I've still got a few changes to make, but I know exactly where and what they are. *knock on wood* Shouldn't be much of a problem at all. Maybe I'll be able to stop dreaming about templates and code.

One thing is certain: I will not be taking a job where I have to deal with computers in any way other than looking up information. I'd end up being a madman...

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My hat is off to you sir. At least you were able to figure it out! I stare at the square sun quite a bit for my job and still feel stupid on most occasions. You don't know how often I want to call my 14 year old son for help. Sheesh! Anyone born in the 60's and before knows what I mean. When it comes to tutorials and such, my guy instincts kick in, and I just don't have the patience.

Computers have made us all mad! They've sucked us into their little world and won't let us go! I think I'll just sit here and wait for the worms to come.

Posted by: leggerman at February 3, 2007 08:51 AM

Not a doubt in my mind you could figure it out. I keep tellin' you you're good at that shit.


My IT guys hate me. Seriously. I was out of an office enviornment long enough that I am offically out of date on how it all works. So any time I try to fix something I end up making things much MUCH worse. It's so bad I came back from Cali to find they had programed the help desk into my speed dial on my phone. Yeah, not a good sign.........

Posted by: Tammi at February 3, 2007 09:03 AM

As a fellow technotard, Kudos to you! Glad you got things up and running the way you want them to!

Posted by: Richmond at February 4, 2007 07:58 AM

Welcome to My world......
...and the reason I own stock in Motrin IB

Posted by: BloodSpite at February 4, 2007 08:53 AM

interesting song choice, it was wonderful to hear!

Posted by: armywifetoddlermom at February 4, 2007 02:12 PM